‘14.5 million won! Here’s a tip’ Swag from Burnley GK threw some money at promotion party

 ‘It was a tip of a lifetime’

Burnley’s main goalkeeper Aryanette Muric, who confirmed early promotion to the Premier League in the English Championship (2nd division) this season, held a ‘hot promotion party’. After ordering high-class champagne and whiskey at a nightclub called Film Casino in Munich, Germany with his colleagues and friends, he showed off his ‘swag’ by giving a large tip to a beautiful waitress. He tipped just one waitress a whopping £8,800 (about 14.5 million won). The waitress who received this told her story to the German media, saying, ‘It was the tip of her lifetime’.

On the 21st (Korean time), British media The 메이저놀이터 Sun reported an interview with a waitress at Muric’s party. Chantal, a 25-year-old who studies business administration and works part-time as a nightclub waitress, met Muric and his friends earlier this month. Muric held a party to celebrate the confirmation of EPL promotion. Muric’s team, Burnley, won 2-1 in the 40th round of the Championship against Middlesbrough on the 8th and confirmed direct promotion. The party was held after this match.

Last summer at Manchester City, Muric, wearing a Burnley uniform for a transfer fee of 2.5 million pounds (approximately 4.1 billion won), spent hotly as a ‘premier leaguer’. The media also released a picture of a receipt for a total of 6,335 euros (about 9.2 million won) in which Murici ordered 10 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne at 585 euros (about 850,000 won) and a bottle of Royal Salute whiskey at 485 euros (about 700,000 won). did.

But that was only part of the day’s expenses. This is because it was ordered only at the bar in a nightclub. The Sun revealed that Murici spent a total of 31,752 pounds (52.32 million won) on the day, including 10 bottles of premium cognac and 4 bottles of premium champagne.

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