39-year-old Japanese veteran pitcher’s first ‘milestone’, 200 saves-200 holds in the United States

Yoshihisa Hirano (39, Orix) of Nippon Professional Baseball, who has major league experience, achieved 200 saves and 200 holds in his personal career in the United States and Japan. This is the first record.

Hirano climbed the mound in the top of the 9th inning with the score tied 3-3 in the match against Softbank held at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan on the 14th.

The first batter토토사이트 caught an outcount with a shortstop grounder and allowed a walk. With a sacrifice bunt, he became 2nd and 2nd base, and it was a match against top hitter Akira Nakamura. He threw a 149km fastball into a floating ball in left field and blocked it without conceding.

In the bottom of the 9th, Orix went into overtime without scoring, and Hirano finished the game with 1 inning, 1 walk and no runs. He recorded his 3rd hold of the season and filled 200 holds in the US and Japan.

Hirano pitched in 805 games in the Major League and Nippon Professional Baseball, reaching milestones of 200 saves (220 in Japan, 8 in the U.S.) and 200 holds (152 in Japan, 48 in the U.S.).

After the match, Hirano said, “I could never have done it alone. He’s got a lot of support and has come this far. He said it was thanks to the manager, coaches and teammates who have been with him.” Today was Mother’s Day in Japan. Hirano said, “It is thanks to my parents who gave birth to me with a strong body. He said thank you.”

Hirano, who made his professional debut with Orix in 2006, appeared in 549 games in 14 seasons until 2017, recording 48 wins, 69 losses, 139 holds, 156 saves, and an ERA of 3.10. His first three seasons as a starter, he posted three consecutive double-digit wins. In 2010, he switched positions to a bullpen pitcher, and in 2013 he played as a closer.

[Photo] Hirano during his Major League Seattle days. ⓒGettyimages (unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited)

After the 2017 season, he signed a contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks for 2 years and 6 million dollars. In his first year in the major leagues, he recorded 75 games, 4 wins, 3 losses, 32 holds, 7 saves, and an ERA of 2.44.

In his second year, he was rather lackluster with a 4.75 earned run average with 5 wins, 5 losses, 15 holds and 1 save in 62 games. In 2019, he signed a contract with Seattle and recorded an average ERA of 5.84 with 1 loss, 1 hold and 4 saves in 13 games and failed to renew the contract.

Hirano, who returned to Japan’s Orix in 2021, recorded 29 saves, 3 holds and 48 matches, 28 saves and 8 holds in 46 games over two years. He appeared in 12 games this season and recorded 1 loss, 2 holds and 7 saves with an earned run average of 1.64 and is responsible for the back door.

Hirano mentioned 70 appearances as his goal this season. “You have to be healthy to achieve your goals,” he said.

He went 9-9 with 48 holds and 8 saves with a 3.69 earned run average in 150 major league games. In Japan, he recorded 52 wins, 75 losses, 152 holds, 220 saves and an earned run average of 2.99 in 655 games.

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