‘4 innings, 1 run’ Kelly, starting game ‘green light’

LG’s foreign ace Kelly showed off the power of an ace in the first demonstration game.

Kelly came out as a 먹튀검증 starter in an exhibition game against Lotte held at Sajik Baseball Stadium on the 18th and pitched well with 4 hits, 4 hits, 1 strikeout and 1 run in 4 innings, putting the Lotte batters to rest. He also managed pitching efficiently with 62 pitches.

The beginning was a bit unsettling. He allowed a right-handed hit to lead batter Kim Min-seok from the first inning. However, he led An Chi-hong with a double stroke of 6-4-3, and caught Rex with a shortstop floating ball to finish the inning without conceding.

In the second inning, Han Dong-hee and Ko Seung-min’s consecutive hits led to 1st and 2nd base safely. However, he showed off his ace power by grounding Jeon Jun-woo and Roh Jin-hyuk and striking out Lee Jung-hoon. Although the third base runner scored and allowed one run when Roh Jin-hyeok grounded, he got out of the crisis himself by catching the follow-up batters.

Kelly, who found a sense of stability from the 3rd inning, showed stable pitching, allowing only one hit until the 4th inning, putting the Lotte batting line to rest. Thanks to Kelly’s performance, LG beat Lotte by a score of 7 vs 2.

After the game, Kelly evaluated his pitching, saying, “Even though it’s an exhibition game, it seemed like the level of performance I had thought of since spring camp came out.” He went on to point out the problem, saying, “Pitching in the 4th inning was good, but the other parts didn’t seem to improve as much as I wanted yet.”

Regarding the crisis situation at the end of the 2nd inning, “Honestly, I want to play an active role in a scoreless game, but I can’t. That’s why I thought it was important how to deal with a crisis situation as a starting pitcher. I saw that what I did was, in a way, something I could cope with better during the regular season.”

Regarding breathing with Park Dong-won, he positively evaluated it, saying, “We have been working together since spring camp and practice games.

He told the fans at the end, “I’m doing my best to welcome the new season. There are still some areas that need to be improved, but I will do my best to improve for the rest of the season and show a good appearance in the opening game.”

As long as there is no change, there is a high possibility that Kelly will start the opening game against kt to be held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on April 1st. Kelly, who was extremely strong with an average ERA of 0.69 without a win or loss in two games against kt last season. From her first appearance in the new season, fans are raising expectations by showing off her ace power.

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