‘5 wins’ Ga-young and Jeong-suk Wait! ‘Cambodia Yuna Kim’ Throng Piabi wins 4th LPBA career

‘Cambodia Kim Yu-na’ Throng Piabi (33, Blue One Resort) has won her 4th professional billiards LPBA career.

On the 7th, at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Piabi scored a set score of 4-3 (4-11) after a full set match with Bo-mi Kim (NH Nonghyup Card) in the final of the 8th tour ‘Crown Haetae LPBA Championship’ in the 2022-2023 season. 11-7 11-10 11-0 2-11 4-11 9-3) Win and win.

Piabi, who won the opening tour (Blue One Resort Championship) this season, closely followed Ga-Young Kim and Jeong-Suk Lim (5 times), who hold the record for the most championships tied with 2 wins in the season and 4 times in total. On the other hand, Kim Bo-mi, who reached the finals for the first time after 7 matches and 8 periods, unfortunately had to be satisfied with the runner-up.

Piavi added 20 million won in prize money and 20,000 ranking points to rise to first place in the season prize money rankings (49.4 million won) and third place in the cumulative prize money rankings (128.8 million won).

Piabi and Kim Bo-mi shared the first and second sets. Then, Piabi took a come-from-behind victory by 1 point in the 3rd set and went uphill. He connected the first pitch in the 4th set with a high run of 7 points and filled up the remaining 4 points in the 2nd inning to defeat Kim Bo-mi 11-0. The set score was 3-1 and seemed to win easily. 먹튀검증

However, Kim Bo-mi showed a bitter back. He accumulated a score of 3-4-2-1-1 without hitting in 5 innings in the 5th set to finish the match at 11-2. And by winning the 6th set 11-4, he showed off his potential to turn the match to the starting point. 7 sets of fate. Both of them went blank, probably because of the tension. In the end, Piabi, who had a lot of experience in big games, regained his concentration first. With a narrow lead of 5-3 in the 8th inning, a bold bank shot widened the score to 7-3, and in the next inning, a one-bank put-in was neatly successful, ending the game with a score of 9-3.

Piavi said, “I have learned a lot of new things lately, but it has become poisonous and has led to sluggishness. I had a lot of trouble in my heart, but with this victory, my hard heart melted away like snow. I am so happy,” he laughed.

Meanwhile, the ‘Well-Bang Top Ranking’ given to the player with the highest average in one game of the tournament went to Lee Mi-rae, who recorded 1.813 in the round of 32 survival. He won 2 million won in prize money.

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