5 years of waiting, ‘our dynasty’ is looking at the top again

Asan Woori Bank, the strongest team ever in WKBL. After 5 years of waiting, they challenge to the top again.

Woori Bank will play the first game of the playoff against Shinhan 메이저사이트 Bank Incheon Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-23 Women’s Professional Basketball at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 11th.

From the 2012-13 season to the 2017-18 season, when coach Sung-Woo Lee took office, Woori Bank achieved a whopping 6 consecutive championships. There was no enemy. However, from the 2018-19 season, it gradually came down from the top.

Cheongju KB Stars, which Park Ji-soo held out, and Yongin Samsung Life Insurance, armed with Kim Han-byeol at the center, stood in the way of Woori Bank every time. Woori Bank was still a strong team, but it was not a team that deserved to win like in the past.

But this season is different. By recruiting Kim Dan-bi, the already solid power was further reinforced. Although key players were injured one after another, there was no word of stop in Woori Bank’s run. In this way, we were able to secure first place in the regular league early and prepare for the playoffs comfortably.

Currently, Woori Bank has a stronger power in short-term games like playoffs than long-term races like regular leagues. Danbi Kim, mentioned earlier, was a super ace who led the team alone at Shinhan Bank in the past. The performance in the short-term was more overwhelming than in the regular league.

It is difficult to find a variable because there are already talented people like Park Hye-jin and Kim Jong-un, and even Kim Dan-bi joined the powerful Woori Bank. In addition, there is Park Ji-hyun, who has grown into an MVP-level player. Although the physical condition is not perfect, there are strong supporters such as Go Ara, Na Yoon-jung, and Noh Hyun-ji.

In a word, the current Woori Bank is a team with no weaknesses.

If so, will there be an opponent like Park Ji-soo and Kim Han-byeol in the current WKBL? Not like that. Park Ji-soo, who was the biggest opponent, left due to personal problems and injuries, and KB Stars also failed to advance to the playoffs. Kim Han-byeol, who has been harassing Woori Bank for a long time, is also not the performance he showed in the past.

Perhaps Shinhan Bank, who meets in the first round, is the most difficult opponent for Woori Bank. This season, I have the only experience of catching Woori Bank in a row. In addition, it has become more difficult to deal with now, away from ‘Kim Dan-bi’s team’.

Woori Bank is aiming to return to the top in 5 years after 6 consecutive losses. If you overcome the first stage against Shinhan Bank well, you can expect to win the sweep. As the playoff series between BNK and Samsung Life Insurance is highly likely to lead to bloodshed, it is important to finish the playoff with Shinhan Bank quickly.

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