“70 billion nightmare”… Did Tottenham buy the wrong one again, ‘rating 3’ terrible debut

 Did you buy the wrong one again?

It was too shabby to say that it was a debut match for a player who brought in a buyout of nearly 70 billion won.

This is the story of right-back Pedro Poro, whom Tottenham ambitiously brought in. Poro started in an away game against Leicester City in the 2022/23 English Premier League held at King Power Stadium in Leicester, England on the 12th and ran for 75 minutes until the 30th minute in the second half.

This season, Tottenham is in charge of the right wingback of the 3-4-3 formation. In the previous match, Tottenham played a key role in a 1-0 victory, with Emerson Royal, a former Brazilian national team, tying Man City’s world-class midfielder Kevin De Bruyne to a tight tie.

However, coach Antonio Conte put such Emerson on the bench and put Poro as a blitz starter.

Poro transferred to Man City on August 8, 2019, but was loaned to Spain Valladolid after four days. Then, a year later, he moved to Sporting Lisbon, Portugal, where he played an active role for three years.

The match against Leicester on this day was the debut stage in the Premier League that Poro dreamed of so much.

However, Poro barely showed his presence against Leicester, who was considered to be under one step, and shrewdly exited the ground. He showed off his skills to the point of questioning whether the transfer fee of 70 billion won was right, punching through the opponent’s counterattack in both attack and defense. 슬롯사이트

The British media also did not hide their regret about the captivity.

‘Daily Mirror’ posted a picture of him rushing to the opponent’s attack under the headline “The 40 million pound ‘New Boy’ had a nightmare”, and ‘Sky Sports’ gave it the worst rating, giving it a 3-point rating. down

“It was an incredibly bad debut,” former Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood said.

In addition to the prisoner, Tottenham replaced Arnaut Danzuma, who was hired on loan in the transfer market, in the second half, but it did not help to improve the mood and rather had to watch the extra goal in the game that day.

In the end, Tottenham scored the opening goal and conceded 4 goals, and was truly defeated.

In Tottenham, there have been many cases in which newly recruited players have not been able to play their part recently. Only Dejan Kulusevski, recruited from Juventus in 2021, is doing a decent job. Players secured in the summer transfer market last year and the recent winter transfer market have failed to score a single goal, so they are falling behind in the fierce competition for rankings.

Poro’s cold debut match is the same, to the point of questioning how well he will be able to do just looking at the match against Leicester.

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