8-year national team commander, leading the heyday of Korean golf

The word ‘director’ is used a lot in many sports such as soccer and baseball. Golf is an exception. Leaders who raise professional golfers are commonly referred to as pros and coaches. However, there is a special leader called ‘Director’, the only one in the Korean golf world. Han Yeon-hee, the vice president of the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA), is a swing coach.

Coach Han was called the head coach when he was leading the Korean national golf team. After joining the national team in June 2003, he coached players wearing the Taegeuk mark until December 2011. He wasn’t the director from the start. After one year of experience as a coach, he became head coach in 2004. An official in the golf world explained, “In the Korean golf world, only one coach is called coach. Even after resigning from the national team command tower, he is called coach because the players have strong respect for him.”

During his time as the national team coach, coach Han led the golden age of amateur golf in Korea. The 2006 Doha Asian Games and the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, sweeping all events (male and female individual and team), and winning the Neighbors Cup 7 times in national competitions are achievements that a coach has achieved as a national team coach. Not only this. He also nurtured Korea’s representative players such as Lee Gyeong-hoon (32), Kim Gyeong-tae (37), Kang Seong-hun (36), Yoo So-yeon (33), and Kim Min-hui (31), who are on the PGA tour.

Even after giving up the national team coaching position, he has nurtured numerous star golfers. Hyo-joo Kim (28), who won a total of 18 wins on the LPGA and KLPGA tours, and Park Sang-hyeon (40) and So-mi Lee (24), who topped the KPGA Korean Tour prize money rankings, are representative examples. One coach said with a smile, “I am really happy to help players who aim to become professional golfers achieve their dreams.”

I didn’t try to walk the path of a leader from the beginning. After becoming a pro in 1988, his top priority was to go on the Korean Tour. However, he suffered a back injury. Unable to concentrate on the game due to back pain, he became the leader after much struggle. A coach said, “Like my students, I was once a player with a strong desire to succeed on tour. However, a back injury forced me to give up my dream of becoming a player.” Even if I go back 21 years ago, I will make the same choice.”

A coach who has been in his 21st year as a coach this year said that his passion for the players grows every year. He said, “In the off-season, I go to overseas training camps, and during the season, I spend most of my time at competitions and practice fields, but when I see the players grow, the tiredness goes away.” “Mysteriously, coaching the players is more and more fun. “I’m trying to work harder for the players,” he said.

Coach Han is a leader who practiced ‘exemplary leadership’. One coach believes that disciples will trust and follow you only when you show an example of leading by example. He said, “Even if you have excellent leadership, it means nothing if the players don’t trust you. This is why I try to set an example instead of dominating the players.” “I want to be a leader who helps students move in the right direction.”

After becoming a leader, one thing I am most wary of is ‘compensation psychology’. A coach emphasized, “Everyone wants a price corresponding to the action they take. However, leaders must erase the word ‘compensation psychology’ from their heads.”

A coach who is famous for guiding players according to their personality and body type, emphasizes ‘honesty’ and ‘effort’ in common with his students. A coach said, “There is no sport as honest as golf. Golf is the result as much as I put in my effort.” said. 카지노사이트

What is the final goal you want to achieve as a leader? One coach is to set up an academy with facilities where players can train to their heart’s content. He said, “Korean players are doing great all over the world, but the training environment is still poor. It hurts to see them not training properly.” I really want to one day create a golf school where golf and school work can be combined.”

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