A ‘super-large’ structure at the stadium… there was a reason for ‘unsold’ seats despite the anger of the fans

 Malaysian football fans were outraged when the spectator seats disappeared in a huge concert stage setting.

Malaysia secured a foothold for advancing to the final by winning 1-0 in the first leg of the semi-finals of the 2022 AFF (ASEAN Football Federation) Mitsubishi Electric Cup against Thailand held at Bukit Jalil Stadium on the 7th (Korean time).

Malaysia won the first leg with Faisal Halim’s winning goal in the 11th minute of the first half. On the 10th at 9:30 pm at Thammasat Stadium in Thailand, you can advance to the final even if you draw in the second game. 

Malaysia won 4-1 in their final match against Singapore in the group stage and dramatically regained second place in the group before preparing for the semi-final match.

Numerous soccer fans visited the stadium, and Malaysian Prime Minister Ismail Sabri visited the stadium that day to watch the match. 

However, Malaysia failed to sell 21,000 seats at Bukit Jalil Stadium, which has a total capacity of 87,411. This is because Taiwanese star Gol-Lyun Chou’s performance is scheduled for the 15th. For this reason, Malaysian fans expressed their anger at the national football association at the stadium.

Quoting Malaysian Minister of Culture and Sports, Hannah Yeo, Malaysian media ‘Bernama’ said, “I heard that the concert stage installation work will be carried out for 14 days.” In March, the schedule for this tournament was decided in August 2022.”  메이저놀이터

In addition to this, she said Minister Yeo said “even if Malaysia advanced to the final and the final was held here on the 16th, the situation would be the same.” 

If Malaysia advances to the final by defeating Thailand, the first leg of the final will be played on the 13th at the home of the winner of the match between Vietnam and Indonesia. The second match will be held at Bukit Jalil Stadium on the 16th.

In the final game to determine the final winner, a ridiculous scene could emerge in which one side of the stands is empty.

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