After the limited finish, the limited shortstop also returned, “Daejeon Hanwha match on the 22nd at the earliest” overtaking Jamsil Big Boy

Cheongunmanma returns to the co-leader LG Twins.

Captain Oh Ji-hwan returns after recovering from an injury.

LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said good news before the third round of the week against NC held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 20th, 온라인카지노“Ji-hwan is getting better and will play the Futures League game tomorrow and join the first team the day after tomorrow at the earliest.” He said, “I want to come so much that if I join the first team, I will play as a pinch hitter for one or two at-bats.”

Veteran Kim Min-seong filled in well, but around the time his stamina declined. For LG, which needs a driving force to reach the top spot, it is good to hear the news of Oh Jae-hwan’s return.

Director Yeom explained, “Minseong needs to rest. He’s done so well, but he’s on the verge of passing out. (Laughs) I’m asking him to run slowly to first base in case he gets injured.”

Initially, among LG’s key players missing from injury, Lee Jae-won of ‘Jamsil Big Boy’ was expected to return the fastest.

Director Yeom explained on the 19th, the day before, “Jaewon is in technical training. (Recurrence of a side injury) can only come when it is perfect. It will take about a week at the earliest and 10 days at the longest.”

Oh Ji-hwan, who missed earlier this month due to a side injury, broke expectations and booked a quick comeback with his natural body and superhuman will.

It is expected to contribute greatly to LG’s winning streak. Nangboda followed by Go Woo-seok at the end. The return of Lee Jae-won, who will add great strength to the right-handed lineup and slugging power, is also imminent.

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