Another injured 250 million ‘weekly thief’ star, Juventus has great patience

Juventus saying that Pogba’s contract will not be terminated.

Paul Pogba is unlikely to be kicked out of Juventus. First of all, Juventus is known to be in a position to wait for Pogba.

Juventus fans get a fever just thinking about Pogba. He returned to Juventus from Manchester United last summer, but has yet to make a return. Pogba injured his knee ahead of the season, but he did not undergo surgery, saying he would go to the World Cup in Qatar. Then he ended up on the operating table, and his return was delayed even further. 메이저놀이터

Pogba appeared to be spurring his comeback after being named on the substitute list for the match against Monza last month. But he got hurt again. In the end, coach Massimiliano Allegri could not stand it and expressed his anger. Allegri recently announced that Pogba will be out of action for the time being due to flexor soreness.

Then there were reports that Juventus would terminate the contract with Pogba and recruit another player with the salary paid to him. Pogba has signed a four-year contract until 2026, and he’s been sticking with his £170,000-a-week wage.

However, local pundit Fabrizio Romano insisted that Juventus had dismissed rumors of a contract termination and had no plans to release Pogba. Romano added that Juventus will wait for Pogba’s return.

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