‘As clever as a fox’… Where does Lim Hee-jung’s sophistication come from?

Lim Hee-jung, who plays an active part in the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour, is nicknamed ‘Desert Fox’. She got that nickname because of her similar appearance, but she also plays cleverly like a fox. No matter how narrow and curved the hole is, he never misses the fairway. Thanks to this, the green hit rate is also at the top every season. As a result of suppressing his appetite for long hits and sharpening his delicacy, he has won five games since his debut in 2019. The prize money ranking has never been pushed out of the top 10.

What kind of swing will Lim Hee-jung use to hit an elaborate shot? With the help of professional Choi Hyeon, who is coaching Lim Seong-jae, who is playing on the PGA Tour, Lim Hee-jung’s driver shot was analyzed at each stage.

▲ Address = The beginning of accuracy is setup. He placed his arms firmly in front of his chest in a neutral grip that did not move to one side. It means to make consistent shots with a swing and rhythm like flowing water. For a stable stance, the width of both feet is slightly wider than the shoulders, but the weight distribution is 50:50. The intention is not to shift too much weight.

▲ Backswing = If you look at the swings of long hitters, the left knee moves actively during the backswing. However, Lim Hee-jung’s left knee, which had little movement left and right, did not deviate much from his address posture. “The greater the movement, the less precise it is. I make a backswing with the feeling that the outside of his thigh is tightened so that his left knee does not follow,” explains Lim Hee-jung. 메이저놀이터

▲ down swing= Thanks to not much left and right movement, you can place your head in the center and swing it firmly. However, you cannot completely give up the distance. The know-how is to transfer the weight from the right heel to the front of the left foot during the backswing. It will hit with rotation. This increases body-arm unity, which helps with power and accuracy.

▲ Finish = When the process is good, the result is good. Lim Hee-jung tries to maintain the triangle between her arms and body until the end for a beautiful finish. Then, the swing will not be disturbed in the previous steps, such as the backswing, downswing, and follow-through. In particular, it is effective in preventing ‘chicken wings’, in which elbows are heard. The pelvis and chest must be rotated in the direction of the target so that the body is not pushed.

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