Aston Villa star “I don’t watch football, only look at my body” → Dissatisfaction with ‘black hearted fan’

Alicia Lehman, the star of Aston Villa’s women’s team, is the owner of outstanding beauty among women’s soccer players. Her social media fans number 11.66 million.

As a result, Lehmann fans cheer for her beauty, but seem to have little interest in soccer. She knows this too well.

If you look at Lehmann’s Instagram, half of him is playing soccer and half is private. She occasionally reveals herself in a swimsuit.

She has been frank about Lehmann’s excessive interest in her fans. The Daily Star recently reported that ‘her Lehmann is disappointed that her fans do not watch her own football matches’.

Lehmann is 24 years old this year. He was a mediocre footballer, but he started to become a fan favorite when he moved to West Ham at the end of his teenage years in 2018. The number of followers on social media began to grow rapidly. 슬롯사이트

Five years later, more than 11 million fans are showing interest in Lehman’s every move. It is said that the media outnumbers tennis star Roger Federer’s fans.

“I’m disappointed in the fans who watch me but don’t see me play football,” Lehmann recently wrote on social media.

In a recent interview with The Times, Lehman said, “I play football hard every day. Of course, I am disappointed when I am sluggish,” he confessed, “I want to train every day and become the best player.”

At the same time, Lehman regretted, saying, “My social media followers don’t know how I play.” “I always ask the fans to ‘watch the game,’ but they freak out,” she said. This is probably why he posts a lot of pictures of himself as a soccer player on social media.

“The message I want to convey to people is that you can literally be anything you want and still play football,” Lehmann said. . It’s not an aspect you have to choose from,” she complained.

Lehman said he heard this while playing as a soccer player. “When I was young, a lot of people said, ‘You can’t wear makeup,’ she says. He said, “You can’t put on your eyelashes while playing.” “But I thought, ‘Why not?’ It’s normal to wear makeup and I don’t hurt anyone if I do,” she insisted.

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