Athletes who opposed ‘opposition to homophobia’ → ‘exclusion from the list’ retaliatory measures

Some players are excluded from the list for opposing the anti-homophobia campaign in French professional football, which is expected to cause a stir.

The British BBC reported on the 15th (Korean time) that “some Toulouse players were excluded from the list for the Nantes match because they did not agree with the campaign against homophobia led by Ligue 1.”

Toulouse played 카지노사이트the 2022/23 season Ligue 1 round 35 match against Nantes held at TFC Stadium in Toulouse, France on the 14th and drew 0-0.

According to the BBC, ahead of the match, several Toulouse players, including Zakaria Abouklal, were excluded from the list for opposing the anti-homophobia campaign.

On the 17th, in support of the International Day Against Homophobia, this campaign took place in round 35 matches with a banner with a rainbow color symbolizing homosexuality. The captains of each team also wore rainbow-colored armbands to the game.

However, players from Muslim cultures such as Morocco expressed their intention to not participate in the campaign, and the club took action to exclude them from the list.

Toulouse issued a statement on the club’s official website, saying, “We respect the individual decisions of the players,” but “After much consideration, we have decided to exclude the players from the game.”

Later, Aboukral said on social media: “I have decided not to play against Nantes. Respect is a value I hold dear, but it also includes respect for my own personal beliefs as it applies to others. It is appropriate to support this campaign. It doesn’t seem like a person,” he said.

However, repercussions are expected due to the decision to reverse disrespect for those who oppose anti-homophobia.

Idrissa Geye, who already belonged to PSG last season, announced that he would not participate in this campaign, but he was excluded from the list.

“The recent campaign against homophobia has been disastrous,” manager Eric Roy Brest said. did.

He also pointed out, “The timing is also a big problem. It is the time when we are fighting to escape relegation. The departure of some players is bound to be fatal.”

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