Australian League Geelong Korea, 2022-23 season ‘closing’

Geelong Korea, which played the Australian League for the first time in 3 years, finished a long 3-month campaign.

Geelong Korea played all 40 regular season schedules, ending with an away game against Adelaide Giants held at Dycolor Australia Stadium on the 22nd, Korean time.

The final result was 13 wins and 27 losses, 7th overall. Although it failed to advance to the postseason, it recorded the best performance since the 2018-19 season when it first participated in the Australian Professional Baseball League. The team broke the record for the most consecutive wins (four consecutive wins) during the season, and scored 23 points, the most points in one game, against Adelaide on November 20th.

In terms of individual grades, he also left a meaningful report card. Song Chan-eui, who wielded strong blows throughout the season, maintained a batting average in the 40% range until the second half of the season and competed for the batting title. His final batting average was 0.324. Song Chan-eui was also named the best batsman of the week in the Australian League in rounds 1 and 2. Ha Jae-hoon’s bat was also hot. Ha Jae-hoon, who played in 21 games, ranked third overall in this category with 11 home runs. If he played full-time, he would have been able to become the home run king. Kim Gyu-seong also showed an impressive offensive power with a batting average of 30% (0.281), and Kwon Kwang-min, who joined late, also maintained a batting average of 30% (0.304).

On the mound, Jang Jae-young’s performance of ‘900 million’ stood out. Jaeyoung Jang, who returned to Korea after round 6, recorded an average ERA of 3.30 with 1 win, 2 losses. In 30 innings he pitched, he struck out 37 while giving up only 9 walks. Jang Jae-young enjoyed the joy of being selected as the best pitcher of the week for the 6th round, breaking the record for the most innings pitched by a team by digesting 8 innings in his last appearance.

In the bullpen, Choi Ji-min and Kim Tae-hyun, who were in charge of the back door, left good results. Choi Ji-min and Kim Tae-hyun, who had 3 holds and 2 saves side by side, recorded average ERAs of 1.47 and 2.20, respectively.  먹튀검증

There were also unusual records. Koo Dae-seong, the first coach of Geelong Korea, returned to the mound as an active player after four years and set a new record as an active professional pitcher in his 50s. Koo Dae-seong, who joined in the 10th round, pitched in 3 games and finished 2.1 innings with an ERA of ‘0’ with no earned runs. In addition, Ha Jae-hoon and Jang Jae-young participated in the game as both pitcher and hitter in Australia and experienced the ‘double sword’.

A total of 7 KBO teams participated in Geelong Korea this season, and 26 pitchers and 26 batters appeared in the game. Since both Ha Jae-hoon and Jang Jae-young participated in the pitching, a total of 50 players were recorded as Geelong Korea’s 2022-23 season players.

Meanwhile, the Geelong Korea team will return home via Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 23rd. Players arriving at the airport return to their respective teams.

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