‘Avoided traffic accident’ Lee Jun-seo advances to the short track 1500m semifinals

On the morning of the 10th, Lee Jun-seo advanced 스포츠토토, to the semi-finals with a time of 2:17:05 in the men’s 1500m preliminary round of the KB Financial ISU World Short Track Championships 2023 (short track championships) held at the ice rink in Mok-dong, Seoul.

Lee Jun-seo, who finished first at the 5th ISU World Cup (Dresden), was ranked outside the men’s 1500m (13.5 laps) world rankings. 

Along with Lee Jun-seo, Group 4 featured Niko Andermann (Austria), Nikal Niwinsky (Poland), Yang Hoon Ben Jung (Germany), Oleh Handey (Ukraine), and Sinky Knecht (Netherlands).

Lee Jun-seo, who started the game second from inside the stadium, finished third from the start. 

However, Lee Jun-seo, who rose to second place with eight laps to go, quickly rose to first place on the next lap, ending the rankings early.

The accident occurred just before the last lap. Nikal Niwinski (Poland), who was running in 3rd place, collided with Syncky Knecht-Olech Handay, who was running in 2nd to 4th places during overtaking, and both players collapsed on the field. In the end, Niwinsky was disqualified.

Lee Jun-seo headed to the semifinals with Nico Andermann, who was driving in the back group, and Sinkie Knecht (Netherlands), who received an advantage.

Meanwhile, in the Group 7 match that follows, Kyunghwan Hong will compete against Furkan Akar (Turkey), Tobias Wolf (Austria), Ivan Martinic (Croatia), Jovan Djorjević (Serbia), and Tiz Pung Kwak (Hong Kong).

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