[B11 현장] Lee Jang-gwan’s Jeonnam, ‘Go Tae-won’s final goal’ gives Bucheon a new victory + last 2-5 defeat shame… Chasing 6th place Bucheon by 1 point

Lee Jang-jang’s Jeonnam Dragons avenged a devastating loss to Bucheon FC 1995.토토사이트

Lee’s Jeonnam earned a 1-0 victory in the 25th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 (2nd Division) 2023 at Gwangyang Football Stadium at 7 p.m. on May 5. With the win, seventh-ranked Jeonnam moved to 10 wins, four draws and nine losses with 34 points, closing in on sixth-ranked Bucheon (10 wins, five draws and eight losses with 35 points).

Jeonnam started with Hanam in the center and Mikic, Choi Sung-jin, Lee Seok-hyun, and Valdivia in the second line. Jo Ji-hoon was assigned the role of defensive midfielder, while Kim Soo-beom, Yu Ji-ha, Go Tae-won, and Lee Kyu-hyuk lined up on the back line from the left. Ahn Jun-soo put on the goalkeeping gloves.

For the visitors, Lee Jung-bin, Lee Yi-hyung, and Song Jing-kyu formed the attacking line. Kim Gyu-min, Park Hyung-jin, Kaz, and Yoo Seung-hyun lined up in the midfield, while Son Si-kwan, Nilsson Jr, and Lee Dong-hee lined up at the back. Lee Ju-hyun defended the last line.

Jeonnam had been looking for this day to avenge their last head-to-head defeat. They needed to avenge the humiliation of a 2-5 defeat in Bucheon on May 7, their most recent meeting.

The balance of what was expected to be a tight game was unexpectedly broken in the first nine minutes. Central defender Go Tae-won reacted to an early cross from the back left by Lee Seok-hyun. Go tipped the ball with his head and it went into the Bucheon goal.

Jeonnam utilized Hanam and Valdivia in their offense. In the 23rd minute, Valdivia stripped three players, including Bucheon’s Nilsson Jr. in a narrow space near the opponent’s penalty arc, before creeping through to score. It was a spectacular piece of skill that would have been the goal of the year if it had scored.

The Valdivian magic continued in the 41st minute. A loose pass through a narrow gap in the defense found Mikic. Mikic’s shot hit the crossbar and Jeonnam had to swallow their disappointment.

Jeonnam made up for it at halftime by removing Mikic and introducing Plana. With Ko Tae-won receiving a red card in the 10th minute of the second half, the game remained tense for both teams. Bucheon made a change in the 17th minute of the second half, removing Park Hyung-jin and Song Jing-kyu and introducing Cho Soo-cheol and Lupeta. Jilsera Jeonnam also made a change in the 21st minute of the second half, bringing on Ji Sang-wook and Yoo Hei-hei in place of Lee Seok-hyun and Hanam.

Jeonnam tried to seize the lead in the 25th minute when Kim Soo-beom beat the defense with a metronome in the left corner flat and sent a cross that Flanagan finished at the far post, but it went straight into the goalkeeper’s arms.

Bucheon made a flurry of substitutions in the 81st minute, taking off Lee Jung-bin, Lee Dong-hee, and Kim Gyu-min and bringing on Kim Gyu-min, Lee Yong-hyuk, and Park Ho-min. Jeonnam pulled out Indonesian specialists Asnawi and Ji Sang-wook. He called Kim Soo-bum and Choi Sung-jin to the bench.

Asnawi broke through immediately and opened the scoring with a cross from the right flank. He was unfortunate to be denied by the feet of Nilsson Jr. With the lead, Jeonnam continued to pound the Bucheon goal, including a shot by Choo Sang-hoon.

Bucheon tried to equalize with a sharp pass from Nilsson Junior, but couldn’t find the back of the net. Jeonnam missed a crucial chance through Ji Sang-wook. In the end, the game ended with a 1-0 Jeonnam victory.

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