Baptism of harsh criticism from local media and fans… Can Son Heung-min give a ‘holiday gift’?

Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham Hotspur) made his 250th appearance after advancing to the English Premier League (EPL) in a match against Manchester City (Man City) held on the 20th (Korean time). This is the first Asian player to do so. 

But I couldn’t laugh in this match. The shot was only one header in the first half. Tottenham lost 2-4, and Son Heung-min, who was lethargic, was criticized by local media and soccer fans. The BBC mentioned Son Heung-min’s 250th appearance, but said, “There was little to celebrate. It was dark today” about the performance against Man City. gave Son Heung-min a score of 6.03. 

Son Heung-min suffered a facial injury during a game ahead of the Qatar World Cup last year. Due to his lack of vision and the aftereffects of his injury, he is not able to show his full potential. However, when he, who became the top scorer last season (2021-22), showed sluggish performance even before the injury, the degree of attention was greater. 

CBS Sports put forward an evaluation of Son Heung-min, saying, “Son Heung-min, now 30 years old, has entered a period of decline, not temporary sluggishness.” He also saw that he was not showing his former agility. The London Evening Standard also said, “The performance was inefficient. The time has come for other players (Klusepski and Richarlisson) to start.” 

Director Antonio Conte defended Son Heung-min, saying, “He is a person, not a robot.” It seems that all these situations will act as a burden to Son Heung-min. 

When will Son Heung-min regain his killer instinct? I am interested in whether I can overcome the cold eyes of the media and fans and show myself. Tottenham will play the 21st round of the EPL against Fulham on the 24th. 온라인바카라

Son Heung-min has shown a particularly strong appearance in matches held on holidays. He is interested in whether he can deliver good news to domestic soccer fans. 

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