Barça-Arsenal, ‘second Busquets’ recruitment battle… “We do not sell for less than 81 billion won”

Reporter Kim Min-cheol = 53 million pounds (about 81 billion won). This is the amount needed to recruit the second Sergio Busquets.

Britain’s ‘The Times’ reported on the 28th (Korean time) that “Real Sociedad will not allow the transfer of Martin Subimendi (23) unless the buyout amount is £53 million.”

Subimendi is a player the world is paying attention to. Despite his young age, he has shown his stable game management ability and ability to build up from the back, raising expectations for him. 토토사이트

It is even evaluated as the second Busquets. Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez is known to have picked Subimendi as the long-term successor to Busquets.

There is another team that is aiming for defensive mendi. Arsenal want to sign Subimendi through the transfer window this month. It is a plan to build the best midfield in Europe by adding Granit Zaka and Thomas Party to Subimendi.

It is unlikely that the transfer will happen. According to reports, Sociedad is known to have clearly conveyed their intention to pay the buyout amount if they want to sign Subimendi to Barcelona and Arsenal.

‘The Times’ said, “Pound 53 million is a burden for both Arsenal and Barcelona. Subimendi’s transfer this month is virtually impossible.”

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