“Because everyone except Lee Dae-ho stole the base”… 157km national team sidearm, 97% stealing base erased ‘humiliation’

“Because everyone except Lee Dae-ho ran.”

LG Twins’ sidearm fastball pitcher Jung Woo-young is aiming for another upgrade.

Last year, the restraint became faster due to bulking up, and Jung Woo-young, who won the hold king, is shortening his slide step, which is his biggest weakness.

He is smoothly adapting to his new pitching form in the US spring camp, and will show a new look in practice games and World Baseball Classic (WBC) competitions.

Jung Woo-young appeared in 67 games last year and won the hold title with an average ERA of 2.64 with 2 wins, 3 losses and 35 holds. Two-seam with a maximum speed of 157 km is the main weapon. With his ever-changing two-seam one-pitch, he became the best setup man in the league.

However, Jung Woo-young also has a weakness. The slow slide step (quick motion) reduces the ability to keep runners in check. Jung Woo-young allowed 29 stolen bases last year, while only 1 was stopped. His stolen base rate is a whopping 97%.

In 2021, he had 9 stolen bases allowed and 2 stolen bases stopped. The stealing rate was high at 82%, but the number of attempts by the opponent was low. However, last year Jung Woo-young’s slide step was slower, and the opposing team even aimed for second or third base when a runner left. Weaknesses were focused on.

I can’t just keep suffering. Jung Woo-young, who protested, “I am tall, so the pitching form thrown with the sidearm is large,” went into revising the pitching form last winter. He folds his left leg a little more than before and quickly lowers it. 먹튀검증

He explained, “I tend to use power with big movements, but I’m learning to use power with short movements,” and he seemed to be getting used to the new form at camp bullpen pitching.

After making his first bullpen pitching with the changed pitching form, Jung Woo-young said, “In the first pitching, the restraint on the Trackman data came out well (as before). However, the movement was lower than the previous figure, but after receiving the catch ball from the coach, he said that the movement seems to have returned. He expressed satisfaction, saying, “I think it was awkward because it was my first time on the mound during my first bullpen pitching.” Then he said, “I have to go to the WBC and try it too.”

If so, what is Jung Woo-young’s slide step? Pitching coach Kyung Hun-ho said, “Until last year, Woo-young was about 1.5 to 1.6 seconds. He was very slow,” he said, “because the runners all ran. Except for Lee Dae-ho, he said with a smile, “Everyone has run,” he said with a smile.

When there is a runner, the pitchers have to throw within 1 second 3 to be able to compete with the catcher and runner on second base. I am practicing.”

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