Bellingham refuses to renew a contract that doubles his weekly wage

Jude Bellingham is in the mood to prepare for a big club.

Bellingham is currently the hottest seller. Bellingham, who was a promising prospect, further raised his value through the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and Real Madrid lined up. Already, astronomical transfer fees are being discussed. 130 million pounds, and even reported that there was a condition that the payment of 100 million pounds in advance, not in installments, was attached. 헤라카지노도메인

Even in this heated atmosphere, Bellingham did not show much reaction, but a noteworthy movement was detected. According to the British daily The Sun on the 23rd (Korean time), Bellingham is expected to reject Dortmund’s offer to renew the contract. In response to the moves of the big clubs, Dortmund brought out the best card they could at Bellingham. The plan was to offer the club’s highest weekly wage of £180,000, more than double what Bellingham currently earns. It was a win-win. It was also a sign of his will not to give up Bellingham easily.

But Bellingham intends to turn it down. According to The Sun, the two sides will meet next week, and the Bellingham side has already made up their mind. If he transfers right now, it seems like an obvious choice, as he could receive a weekly wage of more than £300,000.

As Bellingham makes his break with Dortmund a reality, the movements of big clubs that want him are expected to become more busy. While Real Madrid and Manchester City are one step ahead, Liverpool are also quite active in their rebuilding efforts. The race to sign Bellingham is already hot.

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