Big Bird was chilly, cold, and dull

Gwanggyo is on the way to the Suwon World Cup Stadium. So, to me, Suwon is not an old city, but a new city that prospers day by day. Every time I go, a new high-rise building is built. The subway opened within walking distance. One day, when I looked up from the press box, a cylinder that looked like Styrofoam packaging rose up in the distance. Something keeps happening in this town. It feels like that.

Above all, the image of Suwon is healthy for me.먹튀검증 The stadium itself encourages visitors to exercise. The space itself is open, so I feel like I just want to run. Soccer, golf, swimming, squash, fitness, yoga, etc. are fully equipped. There are many people and many dogs who take a long breath while following the big bird. Big Bird is still stylish and has clean facilities. There are wedding guests gathered next to the front door, creating a party atmosphere. From healthy to happy, it’s such a wonderful place.

The K-League 1 match to be held in such a place on April 15 was called ‘The Battle of Destruction’ by the media. It wasn’t too ‘aggro’ because it was a confrontation between 12th and 10th place. Both directors are equal. Coach Lee Byeong-geun is the main character who runs a hard race this season with Jeonbuk coach Kim Sang-sik. Coach Nam Ki-il, who came with the away team, is also in a difficult position to open his chest when considering the performance against the budget. Both of them have a lot of worries and a lot of places to resent, but the reality is as cold as the chilly wind on a Saturday afternoon.

Big Bird was sluggish. There were only 5,190 paying spectators. It corresponds to 11.7% of the capacity of 44,000 seats. The number is embarrassing for a facility that hosted the FIFA World Cup. When I arrived at the press box, my colleague in the seat next to me advised, “You must clean your seat before you sit down.” When I wiped it with a wet tissue, black dust came out. Suwon’s press booth facilities are of a high standard. It is rare even in Europe to have a press booth equipped with electrical outlets, internet ports, and a spacious desk like this (it’s real, trust me). The best facilities and the dust piled up on top of them, the nice stadiums and the cold stands, the value of the club’s name and today’s leaderboard. Opposite elements coexist. Confused.

The hangers on the north stand were diverse. The cheering phrases were hung upside down. Only shouts of resentment ran properly and criticized the club front desk with strong handwriting. The home team supporters cheered hard. It didn’t look like the people who blocked the bus and boycotted the cheering not too long ago. Is it the psychology that you have to cheer first to be qualified to criticize the club more confidently? It was also strange to think that the supporters cheering loudly were filled with anger. It was clear that when the opening goal was scored and when the chase goal was scored, the blue fans were more than happy.

Jeju came from behind to win 3-2. It was two consecutive wins against Gangwon and Suwon within a week. Jeju, which only scored 2 points in the opening 5 games, gained 6 points thanks to the two teams. Gangwon and Suwon were blocked by Jeju and had to give up their hopes for their first victory this season. Jeju rebounded on the basis of 2 consecutive ‘Downfall War’. Coach Lee Byung-geun’s expression was dark when he entered the press conference after the game. His shoulders drooped and seemed to touch the ground. Director Lee Byung-geun mentioned “responsibility for the outcome”, but did not reveal his intention to resign. Exactly one year ago today, Suwon officially announced the appointment of coach Lee Byeong-geun.

In the opening 7 games of last season, Suwon recorded 7 points. After losing to Jeonbuk and Seoul, the manager was replaced. This season, Suwon has only 2 points from their first 7 matches. And Seoul, Pohang, Daegu, Incheon, and Jeonbuk Gyeonggi are waiting. Next week’s super match is, of course, an away game. This season, Pohang is proving how good a team can be when an excellent manager and talented players come together. Can Suwon, in such a depressed mood, overcome the Seoul and Pohang match? Can it be stopped with a draw? It doesn’t look easy.

Right now, Suwon ranks lower than its ability. It’s not like the glorious past, but it’s not a lethargic squad that can’t win even once in the opening 7 games. As can be seen from the match against Jeju, Suwon lost their confidence and atmosphere. Concentration is greatly reduced to the extent that the defense melts with a single pass that flies into the space behind the defense. If it looks like that to the eyes of the person watching from the outside, the club will know the cause of the problem better than anyone else. It would be nice if the solution to the pro team’s problem was as simple as wiping the dust in the press box.

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