Boston infielder story, elbow surgery… Kim Ha-seong’s popularity peak

The name of Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego Padres) is being mentioned again in the major league transfer market. First off, the current value isn’t bad. This is because of the lack of a shortstop for the Boston Red Sox. reported on the 11th (Korean time), “Boston infielder Trevor Story has undergone surgery to strengthen ligaments in his right elbow.” He added, “There are two big holes in the Boston infield.”

Story was cited as an alternative resource to fill the void left by Xander Bogarts, who moved to San Diego last month. After moving to Boston last year, he mainly played second base, but he also played shortstop during his time with the Colorado Rockies. However, with this surgery, joining the opening roster was virtually impossible, and Boston’s concerns increased.

With the successive departures of Bogatz and Story, the value of Kim Ha-seong continues to rise. In the local area, the atmosphere is unanimous that Boston should bring Kim Ha-seong in a trade to fill the gap between the two.

On the same day, the Gloucester Times said, “Anyway, the infield is packed with Bogarts, Jake Cronenworth, and Manny Machado in San Diego.” When you look at his at-bat stats, he’ll be a perfect fit for Boston.”

It is evaluated that the trade is not bad even at this point. Bogarts, who moved to San Diego through an 11-year, $280 million contract, is already considered San Diego’s main shortstop. Given the size of the contract, the reality is that San Diego will have a hard time removing Bogarts from the starting lineup. 카지노

The Athletic also said, “Ha-seong Kim played a good defense as a shortstop last year. If you give right-handed pitcher Tanner Hook, you can bring Ha-seong Kim.”

Kim Ha-seong, who was raised for the first time after entering the major leagues in 2021. What kind of uniform will he wear on the ground this season?

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