Busan Recruited ‘Next Generation Multi-Defender’ Choi Ji-Mook

Busan I-Park recruited Seongnam FC defender Choi Ji-mook, born in 1998.

Choi Ji-muk made his professional debut at Seongnam FC in the 2020 season after going through Hyundai Middle School, Hyundai High School, and Ulsan University. From the opening game of his first season, he played full-time as a U22 player and proved his potential. He has been active in Seongnam for three years, from the 2020 season to the 2022 season, and has built up competitiveness.

Choi Ji-mook is a resource that can be digested both as a left-back and as a center-back. He has a good grasp of the overall flow and has a good left foot build-up ability. He kicks the ball sensibly, moves organically, crosses in the offensive area, and actively participates in the attack.

In addition, Choi Ji-mook drew attention early last year when he was selected as a substitute in the training list for the Asian final qualifiers for the World Cup. Although his A-match debut was canceled, Choi Ji-muk proved his presence with his surprise selection and showed his potential as a next-generation national team prospect in the future.

When asked how he felt about participating in winter training in Busan, Choi Ji-mook said, “The training in Busan is intense and systematic안전놀이터. The coaches put a lot of fighting spirit into it, and the training atmosphere is also bright and good.” answered.

Also, when asked about the ‘special move’ Choi Ji-mook can do to advance to a higher rank in the 2023 season, “I think I need to be more active when defending. I think I should create synergy by leading young players well through my leadership.”

Choi Ji-mook expressed his determination, saying, “If you are a soccer player, you should show it at the stadium. Instead of saying it in words, I will show you my good performance when the fans come to the stadium.”

With Choi Ji-mook’s recruitment, Busan has ‘two wings’ of defense consisting of right-backs (Park Se-jin-Choi Jun) and left-backs (Choi Ji-mook). In addition, expectations are raised for Choi Ji-mook’s ‘chemistry’ with Lee Sang-heon, Choi Jun, and Park Jeong-in, whom he teamed up with during his youth days in Ulsan.

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