Carrot Cho Han-jin sprained ankle, expected to return after All-Star break

 Jo Han-jin suffered an ankle sprain injury.

Goyang Carrot Jo Han-jin suffered an ankle injury in a match against Jeonju KCC on the 3rd. Cho Han-jin stepped on Kim Dong-hyun’s foot and fell while trying to land a 3-point shot. Cho Han-jin, whose right ankle was bent inward, left the court with the help of a trainer. 메이저놀이터

Cho Han-jin was diagnosed with a sprained right ankle as a result of a detailed examination. He plans to return after the All-Star break, about two weeks later.

A Carrot official said, “Fortunately, it is not a major injury. My ankle turned during the game, and the result of the examination was an ankle sprain. He expects to join after the All-Star break,” he said.

Cho Han-jin’s injury is all the more regrettable because even one resource is a valuable team situation and a carrot placed on a 5-game losing streak. Cho Han-jin played an average of 14 minutes and 53 seconds, the most in his professional career this season, contributing to the team with 3.7 points and 2.1 rebounds.

Carrot is scheduled to play against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 5th. Jo Han-jin is unable to participate. There are 3 games left until the All-Star break, including 5 games.

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