Closing in 38 seconds… “I’m most curious about the record of assistants”

Baseball is often called the sport of records. As expectations for the WBC and professional baseball increased this season, many fans flocked to the KBO record class.

This is Reporter Park Jae-woong.

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In the aftermath of COVID-19, a recording class was held for the first time in three years.

As if showing great interest, the registration of 200 students was closed within 38 seconds of registration.

[Kwon Na-myeong]
“I’m from Jeju Island. I came by plane at 9:25. (Leave the computer on) I kept pressing refresh, but the friend I applied with said he couldn’t.”

There are quite a few fans who are completely obsessed with the beauty of recording each play.

[Kwak Sang-ik]
“It’s like listening to it for the third time. It’s also difficult. I forgot what I learned in the past and learned it again.”

As soon as the lecture started, I concentrated on making sure I didn’t miss even a trivial piece of information.

[Lee Joo-heon / KBO Recording Committee Member]
“From the point of view of the recorder, the line drive (straight hit) should feel like a good fit. It fits exactly in the center of the so-called bat.

” There were also records that I was curious about.

[Lee Eun-jun]
“It must have been a match between SSG and Doosan. There is a game that ended in a double play with a ground ball in front of the left fielder.”

“How Jo Su-haeng’s batted ball was recorded…”

I thought it was Jo Su-haeng’s walk-off hit, but this game was canceled because two runners did not advance.

[Jang Jun-bong / Scorer]
“Cho Su-haeng could have been hit in front of the left fielder, but the hit was canceled because the runners in front of him were force-outed.” 메이저놀이터

It is thrilling to be able to capture even a tangled situation like a skein of thread on a small sheet of paper.

[Jang Jun-bong / Recorder]
“Concentration seems to be the most important thing. Any citizen can participate.. (To become a recorder) I think you have to love baseball. It would be better if the handwriting was pretty.”

With interest in baseball growing ahead of the opening of the WBC, the ratio of female students exceeded half for the first time.

The sport of record, which felt a bit difficult, is changing into a sport for everyone.

This is Park Jae-woong from MBC News.

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