‘Come to me, home run spirit,’ pleads veteran bullpen with home run bat in hand [Busan site].

After being handed Kim Dong-yeop’s bat, Woo Kyu-min showed his eagerness by touching the bat, which was still oozing with the energy of his home run.온라인카지노

In the game between Samsung and Lotte at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 28th, Samsung’s Kim Dong-yeop, who played as the No. 4 designated hitter on the day, hit a rallying solo shot in the top of the seventh inning, trailing 8-5.

With the bases loaded and the count at 1B 2S, Kim took a six-pitch 145-kilometer fastball right down the middle from opposing pitcher Choi Yi-jun.

The moment it hit the ground, he knew it was a home run. The ball traveled 120 meters and cleared the left field fence. It was his first home run in about a month after hitting a solo shot off Elias against the Incheon SSG on March 31.

After rounding the bases and crossing home plate, Kim headed to the dugout with a home run necklace from Won Tae-in. The Samsung players in the third base dugout reached out and welcomed Kim, who hit a solo shot to give the team a two-run lead.

As Kim Dong-yeop was about to enter the dugout after his high-five, a player called out to him. It was Woo Gyu-min, who was coming out of the bullpen.

He gestured to Kim for a home run bat, and Kim got what he wanted.

What was the first thing he did with the home run bat?

With a satisfied look on his face, Woo put his nose to the center of the bat and sniffed it. This was the charred residue from the friction of the ball hitting the bat.

After smelling it, Woo held the home run bat for a long time and treasured it. It was as if he was trying to inherit the energy of the home run.

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