‘Cy Young Ace Sortie’ confirmed starting lineup for Dominican Republic

Although it has become a powerhouse, the mound is still set up to aim for the championship. The starting lineup for the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) in the Dominican Republic has been confirmed.

Hector Gomez, who delivers baseball news in Central and South America, reported on the 2023 WBC mound in the Dominican Republic on the 9th (hereinafter Korean time).

According to this, Luis Severino (29), Framber Valdez (30), Freddy Peralta (27), and Frankie Montas (30), who were originally expected to form the Dominican Republic mound, are absent.

The starting lineup for the Dominican Republic will consist of Sandy Alcantara (28), Christian Javier (26), Johnny Cueto (37) and Roanci Contreras (24).

After all, the most reliable pitcher is Alcantara. He is expected to start with the fate of the Dominican Republic in the most important matches in the qualifiers and tournament. 바카라사이트

Next, Javier is expected to raise high expectations as he recorded 11 wins and an average ERA of 2.54 last year despite his third year in the major leagues.

In addition, although Cueto is a player in his late 30s, he is expected to fill the void left by Valdez and Castillo as a veteran.

Contreras is also a pitcher with an ERA of 3.79 in 21 games last year. As he showed considerable appearances in the major leagues, good performance is expected in this WBC.

The Dominican Republic is expected to battle the United States for the championship. The role of the starting lineup, where Dan Valdez and Castillo left, is very important.

The WBC will be held from March 8th to 23rd. The Dominican Republic is in Group D along with Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Israel and Nicaragua in the first round.

Donga.com reporter Cho Sung-woon 

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