‘Cyyoung Winner collapse’ Alcantara, another QS failure → ERA 5.84

Sandy Alcantara (28, Miami Marlins), who won the National League Cy Young Award last year based on her overwhelming innings digestibility, is having a difficult April.

Miami had a home game against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Londippo Park in Miami, Florida, USA on the 17th (hereinafter Korean time).

Alcantara, who started as a Miami starting pitcher that day, 메이저사이트threw 82 pitches (60 strikes) in 6 innings and collapsed with 7 hits and 5 runs (4 earned runs).

His 9 strikeouts without a walk didn’t mean much. As a result, Alcantara could not escape the ERA of 5 points. Until this day, he recorded an earned run average of 5.84.

Alcantara collapsed 6 times. After sending out the lead batter due to his own error in the 6th inning with the score trailing 0-1, Alcantara hit a series of timely hits and a decisive home run in the situation of 1 out and 3 base.

Fabin Smith and Christian Walker’s timely hits came out, and Corbin Carroll cheered as he hit a two-pointer that completely destroyed Alcantara.

The Miami lineup didn’t help Alcantara at all. He was tied by Arizona starting pitcher Zack Gallon and failed to score a single point. Miami’s 0-5 defeat.

As a result, Alcantara threw 24 2/3 innings in 4 games of the season until this day, recording 1 win, 2 losses and an average ERA of 5.84. It is very different from the average ERA of 1.78 in 4 games last year.

The only positive thing is that he is playing many innings despite his high ERA. He is averaging over 6 innings in 4 games.

It is the first time since the last games on August 29 and September 4, 2019 that Alcantara recorded more than 4 earned runs in two consecutive games. It’s only 4 seasons.

Currently, there is nothing wrong with Alcantara’s restraint, but it seems that the pitch value of his main weapon, the changeup, has significantly decreased. Attention is focusing on whether Alcantara can come up with a solution.

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