Daegu couldn’t help but laugh at the victory high that sounded ‘narrowly’

 I couldn’t help but laugh.

Daegu FC met Cheonan City FC in the third round of the Hana One Q Korea Football Association (FA) Cup held at DGB Daegu Bank Park on the 12th and advanced to the round of 16 by winning 2-1 after a bloody 120-minute battle.

It was a ‘narrow’ victory. In the 37th minute of the first half, 메이저사이트Lee Keun-ho connected Keita’s cross with a left-footed shot, shaking the net and taking the lead. Excluding goalkeeper Choi Young-eun, striker Kim Yeong-jun, and midfielder Park Se-jin, Daegu, which operated its core power, raised the line high and launched an offensive, trying to secure the victory with a key goal.

However, a variable occurred. It was after replacing Edgar and Ko Jae-hyeon. In the 37th minute of the second half, Cheonan gave a penalty kick to Han Seok-hee, and Mota, who started as a kicker, gave an equalizer. Daegu, which used all four replacement cards, kept its key resources on the ground until overtime.

Fortunately, in the second half of extra time, Baselus scored a penalty kick won by Ko Jae-hyun, avoiding the worst result of ‘defeat’.

It was Daegu, where I couldn’t help but laugh. They struggled in attack against Cheonan, which was at the bottom of K-League 2 and had yet to win. I tried to score a goal in the final third, but my decisiveness fell. In the early part of the second half after scoring the opening goal, Cheonan’s momentum came out.

Daegu will play a home game against Gwangju FC at DGB Daegu Bank Park on the 16th, 4 days later, in the 7th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023. You can’t help but worry about the exhaustion of your stamina due to the bloody battle that went on to extend the FA Cup. It was an unexpected scenario.

The consolation was the movement of Baselus. Baselos, who is from Brazil, wore a Daegu uniform ahead of this season. Based on his vigorous activity, expectations were received for space penetration and linkage play, but after the opening, he had not yet shown a satisfactory performance, but on this day, he played the game full-time and created a threatening scene. He also showed fighting spirit.

Daegu is ranked 8th in the league with 6 points. 6 matches 1 win 3 draws 2 losses. Daegu, which had two consecutive losses and no goals in the last two games, is in desperate need of a reversal of the atmosphere at the home stadium

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