Despite the dramatic draw, coach Hong Myung-bo, “It was the worst in the first half…I won a point, but it doesn’t mean much”

“The first half was really the worst.”

Ulsan Hyundai and Daejeon Hana Citizen drew 3-3 in the 15th round of the ‘Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023’ held at Ulsan Munsu World Cup Stadium at 7 pm on the 28th. Ulsan maintained first place and Daejeon maintained fifth place. 17,251 spectators came to the stadium.메이저사이트

Ulsan took the lead by inducing Kim Min-deok’s own goal. After Kim Young-gwon was injured, he lost a run and conceded two runs to Martha. Ulsan, who finished the first half 1-3, launched an all-out offensive. Following Lee Cheong-yong, Martin Adam was added to increase the number of attacks. Joo Min-gyu chased after scoring a goal in the 32nd minute of the second half.

Joo Min-gyu shook the net once again. He scored a theatrical goal in the 45th minute of the second half to make it 3-3. I had a chance after that, but I couldn’t save it. The match ended 3-3.

Coach Hong Myung-bo urged the team to work hard in a strong tone at the post-game press conference. Rather than being happy to catch up and achieve a dramatic draw, he looked for and pointed out what went wrong.

[Q&A at the press conference with director Hong Myung-bo]

– Overall review.

As a result, 1 point was awarded. I will talk about it in two parts. The first half was a situation where we could score first and control the game. Operationally, the first half was the worst. They didn’t seem to recognize how to deal with one player missing. I was so excited after conceding that I couldn’t control myself and allowed 3 runs. It was the worst.

It was encouraging to follow in the second half, but we did get one point. In fact, a draw doesn’t make any sense. I think 3 wins is better than 10 draws in a season. 1 victory point is meaningful, but not great.

– What did you talk about at halftime?

didn’t say anything special. He instilled confidence that he could score goals. He also explained the plan in detail. He pointed out that the number of crosses was insufficient.

– Joo Min-gyu seemed concerned about injury.

He collided with the opponent’s shoulder, causing a nosebleed. He stopped bleeding from his nose and wanted to run himself.

– Even if Ulsan loses this season, it is unlikely to lose.

I don’t want that kind of football. You shouldn’t make a mistake in advance. If you score the first goal, you try to score an extra goal. The goal is not to concede a run and go out with the goal of reversing, but to continue to lead. That’s why today’s game wasn’t good. A team that loses has no choice but to come forward. I had to endure enough time, but I couldn’t. Although it has improved, it is not enough. If that part is not improved, it will be difficult in the future.

– How is Kim Young-gwon injured?

I need to check, but it’s the hamstring side. It may take time. Kim Young-kwon was the team leader. When Kim Young-gwon is missing, another player should be the leader. I want each player to play with leadership rather than relying on a specific player.

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