Director Lee Kang-chul “I will become a warrior who pours everything into me”

“I will become a warrior who gives everything on the pitch.”

Lee Kang-cheol, coach of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team, expressed his determination to pour everything into the 2023 5th WBC tournament with a determined determination.

The Korean baseball team leaves for Japan on the 4th to recreate the glory of winning the semifinals of the WBC Invitational Tournament and the runner-up of the WBC 2nd Tournament. In addition to the sluggish international competitions and controversy over recent years, the popularity of professional baseball is not the same as before in the aftermath of Corona 19. That is why they are Taegeuk warriors who are taking part in this tournament with a more desperate resolution and firm mindset.

And director Lee Kang-cheol, who leads the Taegeuk Warriors, also delivered a sincere vote on the 3rd. The following is the full text of the director’s appearance.

This is Lee Kang-cheol, the coach of the 2023 WBC national team.

I feel once again the weight of the national team, the honor and pride of being a national team, the honor of being a national team player, and the infinite responsibility of being a national team coach.

We will soon leave behind the people’s support to the site of a fierce battle. As well as the honor of being a national team, we also carry a heavy sense of responsibility with winning and losing.

Since our first muster training in the US last month, our team has been mentally, physically and technically hardened. Teamwork has been strengthened. Evaluate yourself and analyze your opponents.

Our team, what we can do well, what we lack, and how we can become one. So, I thought about whether I could share the honor of victory with the people. ready.

Of course, the other teams that will face us are also national teams from one country. All 20 countries are by no means formidable opponents. However, we put in sweat and effort to become more than that, to become a special fear.

The strict sense of mission that the national team’s uniform has has brought all the players and coaching staff together, including me. With this sense of unity, we will overcome our concerns and become the best team.

In particular, the fighting spirit and propaganda of our national soccer team, shown at last year’s World Cup in Qatar, is also a source of strength for us. The passion and competition of our national soccer team and Lionel Messi’s Argentina national team reminds us of the meaning of the Taegeuk mark once again. I won’t forget.

In the days of ancient Rome, Caesar’s army is facing a battle with the Germanic tribes, who had tremendous fighting power at the time. To the soldiers who hesitated for a moment, Caesar said:

“Our ancestors have already fought and won against them. What are you afraid of?” In the end, it was a Roman victory. 먹튀검증

That’s right. The experience of winning is engraved on our uniforms. We have the proud experience of Olympic gold medal and WBC runner-up. And there are people who stand by us no matter what.

Thank you for your support and support for Korean baseball and the national baseball team. We are well aware of the fact that Korean baseball was able to come this far not because of our efforts, but because of the support and passion of the people.

So I promise. I promise to the people. I will do my best. We will show you hope and excitement. I will become a warrior who pours everything into the field. Thank you.

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