Director Nam Ki-il, who is delighted with the trio of foreigners in Jeju who wears Hanbok, also gives New Year’s Eve money.

Not only proven performance, but also optimal localization. A trio of foreign players, Hayes, Yuri, and Jonathan Ling, of the ‘Eastern courtesy country’, made director Ki-il Nam and Jeju fans happy by showing up to three times in celebration of the New Year’s Day.

The Brazilian duo Hays and Yuri, whom Jeju ambitiously recruited in the transfer market this winter, are quickly integrating into the team with extraordinary adaptability. ‘Brother’ Hayes, who played a big role (16 goals, 9 assists) on the K League 1 and K League 2 stages for the past two seasons at Gwangju FC, is giving Yuri advice on Korean sentiment and culture in general, ‘younger brother’ Thanks to Hayes’ advice, Yuri is improving her understanding and adaptability to Korea.

The performance of foreign players of the ‘Oriental courtesy country type’ is also shining in the field training in Thailand. Even Ling Doryeong from Sweden, who was in his second year in the K-League, joined the team. Celebrating New Year’s Day, a trio of foreign players dressed up in hanbok, enjoying traditional Korean traditional clothing, and hearing about the origin and meaning of New Year’s Day and how to do it three times, started planning a surprise event on their own.

The main character of the surprise event was director Ki-il Nam. Ahead of New Year’s Day, they dressed up in hanbok carefully knocked on the door of director Nam Ki-il’s lodging. When the door opened, director Nam Ki-il could not hide his embarrassment. In particular, it is said that she was more embarrassed by Yuri, who exudes a force of admiration for the head family with her overwhelming physicality. The trio of foreigners immediately made three bows with etiquette, and Nam, who was embarrassed, finally failed to release the pressure. He handed over 1,000 baht (approximately 40,000 won) of congratulatory money and ordered, “Please give the opposing team the embarrassment I felt on the ground this season.” 헤라카지노도메인

They said, “I didn’t know that director Nam Ki-il would even give me money for New Year’s Eve. I will try harder to receive more New Year’s Eve money every year. And I’m thinking of going around the room and doing three folds,” he smiled. As soon as their performance was released as a video on the club’s official SNS and YouTube on the 22nd, they are gathering a lot of topics. Jeju fans couldn’t hide their excitement at the appearance of a foreign player, saying, “It’s the best New Year’s Day gift set ever.”

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