“Don’t be quick to judge” Clevinger, cleared of domestic violence charges, declares White Sox championship

 Chicago White Sox pitcher Mike Clevinger (33) has been cleared of domestic violence charges and will not face disciplinary action. 

The Major League Baseball (MLB) Secretariat announced the results of an investigation into Clevinger’s alleged domestic violence on the 6th (hereinafter referred to as Korean time). To begin with, Clevinger does not receive any disciplinary action from the MLB Secretariat. 

MLB’s office investigated the case by interviewing more than 15 people, including Clevinger and his accuser. After examining thousands of electronic communications and accessible paper records, the MLB Secretariat concluded that there was no problem. Unless new information or evidence emerges, Clevinger will not be subject to disciplinary action in this regard. 

Clevinger, who voluntarily agreed to abide by the MLB Joint Treatment Committee’s recommendations, made his position known through the MLB Players Association. Clevinger said, “I had nothing to hide, and I fully cooperated with the Secretariat investigation. This situation has been stressful for our family. Until the Secretariat’s investigation was completed, he asked everyone not to make hasty judgments. I am grateful to the White Sox club and everyone who believed in me, including my teammates,” he said. “Looking forward to the 2023 season, I will help the White Sox win this year.” 

It was revealed in late January that Clevinger was being investigated for domestic violence. Olivia Feinsted, a 24-year-old woman with Clevinger and their 10-month-old daughter, claimed to have been assaulted in an interview with The Athletic, MLB has launched an investigation. 

However, Clevinger did not admit the charges and participated in the White Sox’s spring training normally. He was able to face the season normally as he was not disciplined this time.  메이저놀이터

Right-hander Clevinger, who debuted with the Cleveland Indians in 2016, worked for the San Diego Padres until last year and recorded 128 total games (656⅔innings), 51-30, 3.39 strikeouts, and 694 strikeouts in six major league seasons. He played as a key Cleveland starter with 12 wins in 2017 and 13 wins in 2018–2019, but fell short of expectations after being traded to San Diego in August 2020. 

Clevinger, who underwent elbow ligament surgery after the 2020 season and rehabilitated throughout 2021, returned last year, but in the aftermath of knee pain and corona confirmation, 23 games (114⅓ innings) 7 wins and 7 losses with an average ERA of 4.33. Even in the postseason, it collapsed to an average ERA of 23.63 with 8 runs (7 ERA) in 2 games, 2⅔ innings, and became the cause of San Diego’s failure to advance to the World Series. 

Clevinger, who became a free agent after the season, signed a one-year, $12 million contract with the White Sox. This year’s annual salary is 8 million dollars, and if the mutual option is activated next year, the contract will be up to 20 million dollars with an annual salary of 12 million dollars. If the option does not exercise, he receives the buyout amount of $4 million.

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