Epilogue, I’ll tell you how to read it like ‘K-Celebrity’

 The ‘K-League Makers’, who met a total of 12 K-League makers, one for each of the 12 K-League 1 teams last season, are back. All 12 episodes were introduced, but an additional ‘Epilogue’ will be released so that soccer fans can enjoy the upcoming 2023 season more. 

 The Korea Professional Football Federation (hereafter referred to as the Federation), which oversees the professional football K-League, has recently been applauded by football fans as an ‘organization that does a good job’. Did they say that compliments make whales dance? Thanks to your support, I work harder. 먹튀검증

 In order to meet the expectations of fans who have risen in level, he even produced a tie that can become a ‘K-League Chukzal’ (a person who knows soccer well). The technical report is the main character. On the 11th, Sports World met Seo Hyeon-kyu (24), a video analyst who contributed to the production of the technical report, at the Federation Office on the 5th floor of the Soccer Hall in Gwanghwamun, Seoul, to hear more details.

 The technical report contains in-depth analysis using various data that was not disclosed during the season, such as sequence data, pressure intensity, and ball acquisition heat map, as well as the contents of the team analysis report by the member of the Technical Research Group (TSG).

 Analyst Seo Hyeon-kyu, who graduated from the soccer department after writing soccer-related articles on a blog, is currently assisting 13 members (based on the production of the 2022 Technical Report) at TSG, led by Chairman Park Tae-ha. Analyst Seo said, “We are working on organizing the professional data analyzed by the committee members to make it easier to read.”

 League-related reports are not unfamiliar content. The Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) as well as the European Football Federation (UEFA), which has the world’s most popular league, also publishes reports related to the Champions League (UCL). In line with this world trend, the K-League is also being produced.

 But even when organized to make it easy to read, it’s packed with expert-level quality and terminology. Is there any way to make it more flexible?

 Analyst Seo said, “It will be much easier to understand if you refer to the infographic. In addition, based on the e-book, a related video clip was put in each page. There are QR codes all over the page, and there is video information related to the team. If you read the text and watch the video, you will be able to understand it more comfortably.”

 “This year, we are also making a monthly report. It is recommended to view the monthly content for the purpose of following the flow of the season. It is recommended that the annual report be viewed as a preliminary study comparing last year and the upcoming season. It will be a great help to immerse yourself in the early league to see how each club has changed from last season during the off-season.”

 Seo is an analyst who hopes for a technical report that will develop with more interest. He said, “There is a lot of hard work from the chairman, committee members, and federation staff, but compared to such input, the output such as interest is a little disappointing. I hope to receive more interest and love from fans,” he laughed, saying, “I will make content that is easier to read and more convenient to access.”

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