‘Escape from FA lost child → Hometown team contract’ New groom Han Hyun-hee’s reflection, “Until now, I am immature, I will play baseball with responsibility”

Lotte Giants Han Hyeon-hee (30) made up her mind with a new team.

On the 17th, Lotte announced that it had signed an FA contract with Han Hyun-hee for a contract period of 3+1 years, a down payment of 300 million won, a guaranteed annual salary of 1.5 billion, up to 3.7 billion won, and a total of 4 billion won. The option is worth 2.2 billion won, and there is a clause that allows you to opt out in 2026 if you achieve the individual performance set by the club during the first three seasons.

Han Hyun-hee is a veteran pitcher who recorded 416 games (971⅓ innings), 65 wins, 43 losses, 105 holds, 8 saves, and an average ERA of 4.26 over 10 seasons in the KBO League. He is a sidearm pitcher who throws fastballs that exceed 150 km/h, and his strength is that he has rich experience in both starting and bullpen.

However, he had a lot of regrets last year ahead of free agency. Han Hyun-hee suffered an injury before the start of the season and had a bad start, ending the season with sluggish performance with 6 wins, 4 losses and an ERA of 4.75 in 21 games 먹튀검증. Perhaps because of that, Han Hyun-hee couldn’t find a team for over a year, but Lotte made a good suggestion and was able to find a new team.

Han Hyun-hee, who succeeded in signing an FA contract after a long wait, said, “At first, I was nervous. But he said it was time for me to look back over time. And with that comes a sense of responsibility. If he has played baseball like an immature so far, he will try to play baseball with a sense of responsibility from now on,” he said of his feelings about signing the contract. He continued, “I didn’t think it would be a contract soon from the beginning. He’s over the year, but he doesn’t think his contract is late. Thanks to Lotte’s good conditions, he happily signed the contract. I am satisfied,” he added.

To Han Hyeon-hee, who was born and raised in Busan, Lotte can be said to be her hometown team. Han Hyun-hee, who ended up going to Lotte, said, “I’m really happy to go to my hometown and go to Lotte. It is a team that fans support passionately. Expect a lot. I have a lot of good memories at Sajik Stadium,” he laughed.

Han Hyun-hee, who became a new groom after getting married this year, is preparing for the season with a sense of responsibility. Han Hyun-hee, who said, “It was my fault that I was injured last year, whatever the reason,” said, “There were many regrettable moments last year, but I learned a lot. I am preparing really hard this year. The physical condition is also very good. I want to quickly join the team and play baseball. Now that I am married, I have a lot of responsibility. I will do my best in each game,” she said, promising to show a different side of herself.

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