Even if you get banned drugs in the 3rd surgery… “San Diego camp’s top issue, Tatis’ comeback”

Even after three surgeries and a disciplinary action for using a banned substance, Fernando Tatis Jr. is still the most notable player in San Diego. In the spring camp issue of each team selected by MLB.com, Tatis’ return was selected as the biggest highlight of San Diego.

On the 13th (Korean time), MLB.com released the observation points selected by reporters in charge of each major league club. Reporter AJ Casabel, who is in charge of San Diego, picked “Tatis Jr.’s return”.

Reporter Casabel wrote, “Tatis can return after missing 20 more games after the start of the regular season due to banned substance use penalties. Nevertheless, this spring camp can be played normally from the beginning. He is also looking forward to it.” 토토사이트

At the fanfest held on the 5th at Petco Park, San Diego’s home stadium, Tatis showed confidence, saying, “I’m close to 100%, just like it was for the previous two years.”

Tatis’ return itself is an issue, but what kind of position he will prepare for is also of utmost interest. As Xander Bogaerts signed an 11-year, $280 million contract with San Diego, Tatis is unlikely to return to the shortstop position. Manny Machado is on third base, and Kim Ha-seong and Jake Cronenworth are on second base.

When Tatis was asked about his defensive position at Fanfest, he said, “I have to ask manager Bob Melvin about my position,” with a troubled expression. During his off-season training, he prepared for both the outfield and infield.

Reporter Casabel reported, “This camp will remain an eventful spring for Tatis. Tatis has undergone three surgeries since his last game, and his position is still undetermined. Tatis is expected to play as an outfielder after returning.” .

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