Finding a reliable second baseman to take over the baton from KT Park Kyung-soo, will it succeed this time?

KT Wiz held a spring camp this year in Tucson, Arizona, USA. KT, who struggled with multiple injuries last year, is focusing on strengthening the depth of each position in this camp. From the stablely built pitching staff to the field staff, we are looking for another driving force in all sectors to prepare for the 2023 season as well as the future. Among them, the most urgent position is second baseman.

Still, veteran Park Kyung-soo (39) is the first option. Park Kyung-soo played many games as a backup last year, but he always played as the starting second baseman in important matches such as the end of the season. He doesn’t seem to have played much, but he played 100 regular season games. His injuries are partly due to one after another, but it shows that his proportion is still the same.

However, he cannot rely on Park Kyung-soo forever. Park Kyung-soo also admits this. This is the reason he told the coaching staff at the beginning of last season, “It’s okay to play in the back, so it would be nice to give other players a chance to start as the second baseman.” 온라인카지노

There are players who can support Park Kyung-soo. Oh Yoon-seok (31), who played many games as a second baseman after moving to KT, is ahead. He played 112 games, although he was briefly sidelined last year due to one injury. As needed, he moved into other infield positions as well. Park Kyung-soo’s successor was definitely not a resource. He also showed relief from hitting.

Other candidates also compete in this camp. Lee Sang-ho (34), an all-weather infielder who joined KT after being released from the LG Twins, Ryu Hyun-in (23), a rookie but recognized for his potential at the finishing camp last year, and Son Min-seok (19), a high school graduate rookie infielder. In particular, Son Min-seok is tested as a shortstop and second baseman at the same time. Both positions are positions that KT needs to strengthen in the long term. He received favorable reviews in finishing camps such as glove handling and throwing. Attention is focusing on which of them will be chosen as the card that will ease Park Kyung-soo’s burden.

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