Fingernails bleeding, but slider pushes through – 9K struggle, Hanwha Peña says “we’re definitely stronger than last year” [SS Star]

“I wasn’t really thinking about it, I was just thinking about competing.”온라인카지노

The victory was made all the more meaningful by the fact that it came in a high-profile pitching matchup. The player himself emphasized that the team was stronger for having gone toe-to-toe with the opposing starter. Felix Peña (33), who has been wearing the Hanwha uniform since the second half of last year, expressed his confidence in the team.

Peña threw 97 pitches against KT in Daejeon on April 27, allowing four hits in seven innings with nine strikeouts and zero walks. He gave up one run on a hit through the fourth inning, but then dominated the opposition with three consecutive shutout innings from the fifth through the seventh. With the win, Peña picked up her sixth win of the season and lowered her ERA to 3.05.

With Peña’s dominant performance and the 4-1 win over Ko Young-pyo, Hanwha has won five straight games for the first time in 1005 days since September 25, 2020.

After the game, Peña explained the situation of his bleeding thumb in the first inning, saying, “I was throwing a slider and got a little bit on my nail. Throughout my career, I’ve scratched my nails throwing sliders. I didn’t really think about it, I just thought about competing.”

True to his word, Peña continued to throw sliders, even though he was bleeding from throwing them. He realized that Choi wasn’t adjusting to the slider at all, so he just kept throwing it for strikes. His long changeup was also powerful, but it was even more interesting to watch as his opponent, Ko Young-pyo, is also a changeup specialist.

“It was a good game against a good pitcher,” said Peña. It’s fun to compete like this,” he said, adding, “Our whole team played well. Thanks to my teammates, we were able to win a tight game. It was a really fun game,” he smiled again.

On his recent performance, he said, “I always kept my routine and always worked hard. The Korean League is a league where you always give 100 percent. I also believe that good results come from being good friends with your teammates. Keeping a positive mindset is also the key to our recent good results.”

When asked about the team’s mood during their five-game winning streak, he said, “It’s great. In baseball, you don’t always get the results you want. But we always tried our best to win. When we lose, we don’t hang our heads, we just come back the next day and work hard and try to get what we worked for. We’re all working together and we’re winning, so the atmosphere is really good.”

Finally, Peña said, “I’ve been playing for Hanwha since the second half of last year. Do you think you’re stronger now compared to last year?” “Yes, I think so. We are definitely stronger. Last year, we had a lot of games where we lost 1-10. This year, even when we lose, it’s usually close. “I think we’re strong enough and we’re in a position where we can compete with the other teams,” he said.

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