‘Focus on the eyes every day’ Lee Jung-hoo… “They said the evaluation was already over”

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Lee Jung-hoo, who is receiving intensive attention every day from the WBC national team.

He showed a confident appearance, saying that he no longer felt burdened by his gaze.

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Scouts appear wherever Lee Jung-hoo is.

Today was no exception.

Do you remember the first day of Kiwoom’s spring camp? 먹튀검증

The San Francisco scout looked right in front of Lee Jung-hoo for a long time…

Scouts from 9 clubs gathered in the evaluation match with NC.

I thought the blatant interest would be burdensome, but Lee Jung-hoo put an end to it himself.

[Lee Jung-hoo/WBC national team]
“I want to take this opportunity to tell you what the agent said to me, now that all the evaluations are over, there is nothing you have to show them even if they (agents) come. No matter who came or how many people came, there was no conscious or nervousness or anything like that.”

Lee Jung-hoo seems to have already prepared his mind.

So this season is rather expected.

This is MBC News Jeon Hoon-chil.

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