Four days to Colombia… a ‘tailor-made’ training session

We’re just four days away from our first match of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, against Colombia. The team has moved into its official training ground and is in the midst of last-minute preparations.


The national team arrived in Australia 10 days ago and, according to the tournament’s rules, they were allowed to use the official training ground five days before the first match, but until then, they used a local school as a temporary training ground.

The players wrapped up their first training session with an enthusiastic farewell from the school’s students,

[Lee Young-joo/Women’s World Cup Team Defender: (to the students who cheered them on) I think we should sing them against Colombia. You’re good at cheering. Thank you. Bye].

Yesterday (20th), the day the tournament started, we entered our own ‘official training ground’.

At the ‘official training ground’, which was decorated with large flags and fan chants, we began ‘customised’ tactical training under tight security.

We’ve reduced our twice-daily training sessions to once a day for last-minute conditioning, and from tomorrow we’ll be training at 12 noon local time for the Colombia game.

[Jeon Eun-ha/Women’s World Cup Team striker: I’m a little bit tactile, and I think I’m going to do some work this time, so I’d appreciate a little bit of support].

In today’s (21st) matches, Europe’s Spain and Switzerland won side by side.

Spain defeated Costa Rica 3-0, while Switzerland defeated the Philippines 2-0, who were making their first appearance at the World Cup.

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