Free agent compensation of 3.91 billion won, 41.3% of the previous 9.457 billion won

No player moves the team as a reward player. The total compensation this year alone is 3.91 billion won. This is equivalent to 41.3% of the total compensation in history.메이저사이트

KBL has a compensation system among free agent (FA) regulations. If a player (under the age of 35) with the highest ranking in terms of remuneration from the previous season transfers to another team, the team that recruited him must compensate the original club.

Compensation includes 1 rewarded player and 50% of the previous season’s compensation or 200% of the previous season’s compensation for players within 30th place, 100% of the previous season’s compensation for players ranked 31st to 40th, and all seasons for players ranked 41st to 50th. 50% of the remuneration.

This year, four players within the 30th place in the free agent market moved to the team. They are Choi Jun-yong (SK → KCC), Moon Seong-gon (KGC → KT), Yang Hong-seok (KT → LG), and Jung Hyo-geun (Korea Gas Corporation → KGC). In addition, Kim Jun-il (LG→Hyundai Mobis), who is within the 40th place in the compensation ranking, also receives compensation.

KBL announced on the 28th that as a result of exercising the right to nominate players for compensation, they all chose 200% of the compensation.

SK, which sent Choi Jun-yong, received 1.1 billion won, Moon Sung-gon and Yang Hong-seok’s original clubs, KGC and KT, received 1 billion won, and Korea Gas Corporation, which failed to renew the contract with Jeong Hyo-geun, received 600 million won. LG receives Kim Jun-il’s salary from the previous season as compensation.

The total compensation for these five people is 3.91 billion won.

The regulation that requires compensation players and compensation money has been introduced since 2007, and so far, the total compensation due to the transfer of compensation free agents is 9.457 billion won.

KCC, which recruited 6 free agents, the most ever, paid 4.315 billion won, or 45.6% of the total amount of compensation, to the opposing team. LG spent 1.6 billion won in compensation, second only to KCC.

Conversely, the two clubs that received the most compensation were KGC with 2.88 billion won and Gas Corporation with 2.06 billion won. In the case of Gas Corporation, it includes the compensation of Telegraph E-Land.

In addition, KGC and Hyundai Mobis recruited free agents for the first time in their team career this year. However, Hyundai Mobis has not yet recruited a compensation free agent that even rewards players.

Conversely, free agents who have left KCC, a big hand in the free agency market, have not come out yet.

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