Gocheok Dome is a shanty town, three families living in a rented room under one roof? “Night games are absolutely not allowed in Mokdong” [Oh!Shen Issue]

“I can never play at night.”

Fortunately, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has decided to build Jamsil Dome Stadium. Mayor Oh Se-hoon visited the San Diego Stadium in the United States and announced his plans. Starting in 2026, the current Jamsil Stadium will be demolished and construction will begin in its place. 바카라사이트 However, completion is scheduled for 2032. The LG Twins and Doosan Bears, who used to share the same roof in Jamsil, have been living in a rented room somewhere for six years. 

Currently, there are two places in Seoul where baseball games can be played. Gocheok Sky Dome was demolished at Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium, a baseball mecca, and built instead in Gocheok-dong. It is a bizarre dome stadium that does not look like a dome stadium. Next is the outdoor Mokdong Baseball Stadium. This was previously used as the home stadium of Nexen Heroes. However, Mokdong is virtually unavailable. 

When playing a professional baseball game, there are inevitably shouts and cheers. The high-powered speakers that play the cheering song also blare. Mok-dong is a quiet residential complex with a high concentration of apartments. There are no recreational facilities nearby and the school district is good, making it perfect for education. So it is sensitive to noise. If you add the cheers of the audience, the noise becomes unbearable. 

That’s why there are constant complaints from apartment residents. Protests are constantly pouring in from the district office, city hall, and even the police station. An official from the Korea Baseball Association said, “Due to civil complaints, high school baseball cannot be played at night. Professional baseball has home games of up to 3 consecutive games and 6 consecutive home games. All games are night games. Baseball can never be played in Mok-dong.”

If Mokdong Baseball Stadium is available, it can be shared with Gocheok Dome. However, if you cannot play baseball in Mokdong, there is only one option: Gocheok Dome. Kiwoom Heroes are dominating Gocheok Dome. If there is no other place to go, LG and Doosan have no choice but to use Gocheok Dome. This is the first time that 3 teams in 1 stadium are using it. And that means having to live in a rented room in a shanty town for six years.

When one team plays at home, the other two teams must go on the road. Scheduling is not easy. A situation arises where players from the three teams have to share the locker room where they prepare for the game. It’s bound to be uncomfortable. Kiwoom players who have comfortably used Gocheok Dome so far are experiencing the greatest inconvenience. Moreover, it is inconvenient for fans who come to the remote Gocheok Dome to watch the LG-Doosan game. 

LG and Doosan view Jamsil Main Stadium as the optimal location. If remodeled, it can be fully utilized. Baseball players, including coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, are also making strong claims. The city of Seoul must find an alternative to prevent the creation of one stadium and three teams. Seoul City, which demolished Dongdaemun Baseball Stadium, the mecca of Korean baseball, while shouting ‘Design Seoul’ during the time of Mayor Oh Se-hoon, must listen to the voices of the baseball community this time. 

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