“Good luck to each other” 3R rookie who met Gom Gal-ryang, a little quick start sortie… Will the star be born? 

 “I am lucky to have met Park Myeong-geun. (Park) Myung-geun was also lucky to have met me.”

This is the intention of LG Twins manager Yeom Gyeong-yeop, who looks at Park Myeong-geun (19).

LG is suffering from repeated injuries at the beginning of the season.메이저사이트 “Captain” Oh Ji-hwan was out due to an injury, and finisher Ko Woo-seok was also out due to a shoulder injury. Austin, a foreign hitter, was playing only as a pinch hitter because of his poor heel. Kim Yun-sik, who was reborn as a local ace last year, is also slow to improve his condition.

On top of this, the big bad news of starting pitchers Lee Min-ho and Pil Seung-jo and Baek Seung-hyun’s injury departure was overlapped. On the 11th, the LG club put forward rookie Park Myeong-geun instead of Lee Min-ho, who was supposed to be the starting pitcher for the Lotte Giants match.

Park Myung-keun is a rookie pitcher in the third round this year. The fast motion of less than one second received director Yeom’s attention. He has a quick fastball in the mid-140km range, as well as a curveball and changeup. During the exhibition game, there was also a competition for the 5th starting candidate.

“If you are a rookie in the 3rd round, it is not easy to go to spring camp. If (Park) Myeong-geun hadn’t looked after (Park) Myung-geun when he was the (WBC) Technical Committee, Myung-geun would not be able to go to spring camp and would just be doing the rookie program. Good luck meeting each other. He has enough qualifications to play for the national team. Now, he is a player that only needs to be developed.”

Then, what will be Park Myung-geun’s position? Director Yeom said, “The next month is important,” and predicted the possibility of developing into a winning group in the future. However, he expressed a cautious stance on his use as a starter, saying, “I will think about it after playing this season.”

A sidearm pitcher’s starting position ultimately depends on his ability to deal with left-handed batters. In the case of Park Myung-geun, it is a changeup pitch. The command tower praised him, saying, “The pitch and pitch value are much better than Shin Jae-young (2016 Rookie of the Year, Nexen Heroes at the time) when he was a rookie.”

The opportunity for selection came much earlier than planned. Can Park Myung-geun make use of this opportunity? Perhaps the meeting between ‘Yeomgal-ryang’ and Park Myeong-geun could be greater luck than you think for each other. First of all, the match against Lotte on the 11th is the first step.

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