Guys, stealing is such a scary thing. Two-catcher mental collapse due to stolen base. Made LG’s reverse electrode

Now, when I think of the LG Twins, I can’t help but think of stolen bases. And that stolen base is becoming a weapon for LG’s victory.

The stealing of bases had a big impact on LG’s ninth reverse play against the Lotte Giants in Busan on the 12th. LG succeeded in stealing 4 bases that day. Hong Chang-gi succeeded twice in the 1st and 7th innings, Kim Min-seong 4th and Shin Min-jae stole second base in the 9th inning. Among them, Hong Chang-gi’s stolen base number 2 and Shin Min-jae’s stolen base in the 9th were connected to the score.

At the beginning of the first inning, Hong Chang-ki reached메이저사이트 base with an infield hit, then stole second base, and after going to third base with an infield grounder, Kim Hyun-soo scored the first run. In the top of the 7th inning, trailing by 3-4, Hong Chang-ki got a walk, and Moon Seong-joo at bat tried to steal the first base. Moon Seong-joo’s double through the right center tied the game at 4-4. Hong Chang-gi’s triple and Moon Seong-joo’s timely hit led LG to 6-7, and Shin Min-jae, the runner-up, succeeded in stealing second base through Lotte finisher Kim Won-joong’s continued check, and Kim Hyun-soo’s come-from-behind two-run gun broke out and turned the score to 8-7. Afterwards, LG, who was in the mood, scored 4 more points with Seo Kun-chang’s sweeping 3 RBIs and doubles, widening the score to 12-7 and winning 12-8.

Now, when an LG runner goes to first base, it has become almost a standard to keep everyone in check. LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “Hyun-soo Kim and Dong-won Park will also steal bases,” saying that all players can play.

Now, the opposing pitcher and catcher are paying attention to the stealing of LG runners. However, the mental impact on the opponent is great when the runners are allowed to steal even though the runners are not allowed to run, such as checking carefully and setting interval times differently. Because runners are in scoring position right away, the thought of conceding a run when a hit increases the tension even more. In the 7th and 9th innings, after successfully stealing bases, hits and home runs can be said to be the effect of stealing bases.

LG succeeded in stealing 22 bases in 10 games until the 12th, and is successfully stealing 2.2 bases per game. He also failed 12 times, so his stolen base success rate is 64.7%. There are many failures, but the effect of success is great.

Of course, I don’t blindly try to steal bases. It basically looks at the pitcher’s quick motion and the catcher’s throwing ability, and also considers scores and outcounts. Looking at the ball count, we also predict the timing when the pitcher throws a breaking ball.

Manager Yeom said, “The coaching staff can do this kind of analysis diligently. The runners just have to play according to the situation.”

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