Hanwha Moon Dong-ju, the first Korean player to break the 160km speed limit

KIA Park Chan-ho opponent 160.1km measurement
text 0-2 ‘Youngbongpae’

SSG even with consecutive fastballs, Samsung 3-0 suppression ‘6 consecutive wins’

Hanwha and KIA’s 2023 KBO League confrontation 먹튀검증took place on the 12th at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju. Moon Dong-ju (pictured), a 2nd-year prospect who started as a Hanwha starter, struck out 3 pitches by vigorously throwing a fast ball at 0B-2S against Chan-Ho Park after one out in the first inning. The speed of the ball that left Moon Dong-ju’s hand was measured at 160.1 km per hour. This is the speed measured by the ‘Pitch Tracking System’ (PTS) operated by ‘Sports to I’, the KBO’s official record statistics company, and is the first Korean player to exceed 160 km per hour.

It is the first time since 2011 that the pitching speed exceeded 160 km at the PTS, a foreign pitcher who played for LG for three years from 2011, Redames Leeds, and Fabio Castillo, who played for Hanwha in 2016. Leeds threw a fastball that exceeded 160 km 10 times, including 162.1 km, and Castillo recorded 160.4 km. Among domestic pitchers, Choi Dae-seong of Lotte threw 158.7 km against Jang Seong-ho in the match against Hanwha on September 7, 2012, which is the fastest speed record. Ahn Woo-jin of Kiwoom, who conquered the KBO league last year, followed Choi Dae-seong by recording 158.4 km on September 30 last year.

Even after the new record, Mun Dong-ju, who confidently threw fastballs in the second half of the 150km range, threw 92 balls up to the 6th inning against the KIA lineup, 3 hits, 2 walks and 2 runs including 6 strikeouts. Moon Dong-joo, who debuted last season, pitched 6 innings for the first time as a pro and was the first quality start.

However, Hanwha’s batting line failed to respond to Moon Dong-ju’s good pitching. KIA’s foreign ace Sean Anderson was thoroughly blocked and suffered a 0-2 ‘Youngbong loss’, making Moon Dong-ju a losing pitcher. Moon Dong-ju’s first loss of the season (1 win). On the 1st, against Munhak SSG, 6.2 innings, 3 runs, and against Gwangju Doosan on the 7th, 7.1 innings, 3 runs (2 earned). Anderson, who took only 2 losses without winning despite a good pitch, won his first win of the season with 3 hits and no runs in 7 innings that day. reported

SSG, the ‘defending champion’, continued to lead the way by winning 6 consecutive victories in Daegu, beating Samsung 3-0 with starter Moon Seung-won’s 8 scoreless innings. Samsung under the new head coach Park Jin-man could not get out of last place with a shocking 6 consecutive losses. In Changwon, NC beat KT 5-1 and continued their 5-game winning streak.

Meanwhile, the Jamsil match between Doosan and Kiwoom was canceled due to fine dust covering the Korean Peninsula. This is the 17th cancellation of the KBO league due to fine dust.

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