Heo Do-hwan, who collapsed, Yang Eui-ji, who saved Han Eui-ji, “I remembered what I learned in the army.”

Everyone was a hero. Heo Do-hwan (39) collapsed after being hit in the neck by a bounced helmet. As soon as he checked Dohwan Heo, Kim Seon-seon, a member of the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) referee, immediately took off his helmet and turned his body over to check his condition. At the same time, Yang Eui-ji (36), the Doosan hostess, helped Heo Do-hwan loosen his belt and breathe. Even Huh Do-hwan, who contacted Yang Eui-ji separately after the game, saying “thank you”. Everyone’s partnership spirit shone.토토사이트

The fierce rivalry between the LG Twins and Doosan Bears in Jamsil over the weekend has come to an end. The result is LG’s 2-1 winning series. In the first game of three consecutive matches held on the 16th, it was a hot match that even led to a bench clearing.

Still, there was a warm moment that warmly melted everyone’s hearts for a while, on the 17th at Jamsil Stadium. Doosan’s attack at the bottom of the third inning. Yang Eui-ji entered the plate at the second out and second base opportunity. The ball count is 2-2. LG starter Kelly’s 7th pitch curve (132km) bounced and headed for catcher Heo Do-hwan. However, the ball dug under the protective gear around Heo Do-hwan’s neck and hit him in the neck. Heo Do-hwan held the ball again and looked at the movement of the runner on second base, but soon collapsed on the spot.

Heo Do-hwan (middle) was hit in the neck by Kelly’s pitch in the 3rd inning of the match between the LG Twins and Doosan Bears at Jamsil Stadium on the 17th.

Doosan Yang Eui-ji (top left) and Kim Seon-seon (right), KBO referees, look at the condition of Heo Do-hwan (below), who collapsed during the blocking process in the 3rd inning of the LG Twins and Doosan Bears game held at Jamsil Stadium on the 17th.
At first, both referee Kim Seon-seon and Yang Eui-ji did not notice Heo Do-hwan’s condition. However, when Heo Do-hwan continued to not wake up, Kim Ju-sim looked at Heo Do-hwan. Ju-sim Kim, who immediately sensed that the situation was not serious, took off Heo Do-hwan’s helmet and turned him over to induce breathing. He took a lap around the plate for a while, and then Yang Ji-ji, who saw this scene, also helped Heo Do-hwan loosen his belt, allowing him to breathe comfortably and without pressure as much as possible. Medical staff immediately rushed out and checked Heo Do-hwan’s condition. Fortunately, Heo Do-hwan woke up right away. Heo Do-hwan, who coughed several times, shook his head and came to his senses before returning to the game.

A situation that could have led to a serious accident if he had not been able to breathe normally in time. As a result, it was the moment when the spirit of partnership between referee Kim Seon-seon and Yang Eui-ji shone. On the 18th, ahead of the Jamsil LG match, I was able to hear about the situation through Yang Eui-ji. Yang Eui-ji recalled the moment of urgency, “At first, I thought it was a simple bouncing ball. But (Huh) Do-hwan seemed to be unable to breathe well because his body was stiff.”

“I was so surprised, but I immediately remembered what I learned in the army. (Kim Seon-su) immediately turned over and unfastened the catcher equipment, and I also unfastened the (pants) belt, which seemed to be under pressure. After the game, Do-hwan said to his brother, ‘Thank you. ‘ was contacted. I hope that all the players will not get hurt in the weather that is getting hotter.”

After the game on the 18th, I was able to meet Heo Do-hwan at Jamsil Stadium. When asked, “Are you okay?”, Heo Do-hwan showed his neck and smiled brightly. His neck, which had been hit by his helmet, had a large black bruise. It was a wound that allowed us to guess how great the shock was at the time. Heo Do-hwan said, “I think I lost my mind for a while after being hit in the neck and couldn’t breathe. Fortunately, I’m fine now. As soon as yesterday’s game was over, I contacted (Yang) Ui-ji and said ‘thank you’. Thank you to everyone.” talked The referee and the players of the opposing team showed the spirit of partnership in a moment of urgency. And Heo Do-hwan, who conveyed his gratitude to them without forgetting them. All of them were heroes with warm hearts.

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