‘Hwangseonhongho No.10’ Go Young-joon, Lee Kang-in and Synergy Confidence “I can penetrate the second line well”

Hwang Seon-Hong-Ho’s ace, Koh Young-Jun (22, Pohang Steelers), is also confident that he will work with Lee Kang-In (Mallorca), who is the same age and rival.

Ko Young-jun was selected for the U-22 (under 22 years old) 바카라soccer team led by coach Hwang Seon-hong during the A match in March and went on an expedition to Qatar. Youngjun Ko scored the winning goal in the match against Iraq, helping the U-22 national soccer team win the Doha Cup (Friendly Tournament). 

Koh Young-joon, who arrived at Incheon International Airport on the 29th, met with reporters and said, “It was our first competition this year, and it was a meaningful and happy time with good results.” 

Recalling the score against Iraq, he said, “I went in as a substitute in the second half, but I tried my best to change it as much as possible because it was a role that changed the flow of the game. He turned the ball, saying, “I think the opportunity came because the friends who played from the first half played hard.” 

Attacking midfielder Ko Young-jun is Hwang Seon-hong’s key resource. He walks the pitch wearing the number 10, which symbolizes an ace. He is likely to be selected not only for the 2024 Paris Olympics, but also for the Hangzhou Asian Games, which will feature the U-24 (under 24 years old) soccer team this September. 

However, it is unclear whether he will continue to play as a main player. This is because Lee Kang-in, who plays in the same position, is scheduled to join Hwang Seon-hong. Of course, coexistence is possible depending on the situation because the play style is different. Ko Young-jun was confident, “I think I’ll be good at penetrating the second line if I play with Kang-in because he has good ball possession and passing.” 

Lee Kang-in played a big role against Uruguay in the senior national team led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann. He showed off his skills such as dribbling, passing, and crossing. Ko Young-jun said, “I watched the game too, and it motivates me. I also have a lot of thoughts of wanting to go (to the adult national team).”

Ko Young-jun, who once again impressed coach Hwang Seon-hong, is now returning to his team, Pohang. He said, “I think I showed good performance after calling the national team this time. I want to continue this trend in Pohang and show a good game,” he said. “Thank you to the Pohang fans who watched until late. I will do well and work hard even when I go, so I hope you will support me.”

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