“I didn’t believe in the trade” Debut first home run, leave memories in NC and go to Hanwha

I got a call this morning, but I didn’t believe it.”

Catcher Lee Jae-yong (24) belonged to NC until the morning of the 14th. While participating in the Changwon Futures spring camp in NC, he was dumbfounded when he received a phone call this morning. It was a trade notice to Hanwha. Free agent outfielder Lee Myung-ki signed a contract with NC for up to 100 million won for a year and was traded to Hanwha, and Lee Jae-yong also received a ticket to Daejeon. Hanwha handed over infielder Cho Hyun-jin and the 2024 rookie round 7 (61st overall) nomination right to NC on the condition of receiving the two players. 

All the focus was on Lee Myung-ki, who was out of free agency lost, but Hanwha general manager Sohn Hyuk was focused on Lee Jae-yong. Heo In-seo, a promising catcher, felt the need to strengthen catcher depth when he enlisted in Sangmu last January, and pointed out Lee Jae-yong in the process of promoting the trade. 

General Manager Son said, “I saw Lee Jae-yong in a video, and he has a good shoulder and is a catcher who showed potential in defense. As we brought a good person, Kim Jung-min, battery coach, to our team, I thought (Lee Jae-yong’s) growth potential would increase. Recruiting a young catcher who has completed his military service will be of great help to the team’s depth. The more catchers, the better.” 

Lee Jae-yong, who came up from Changwon to Daejeon that day and received the club supplies, said, “I am embarrassed because it was a sudden trade. I got a call this morning and I couldn’t believe it. I had a lot of affection for NC, but now it is a reality. I am grateful that Hanwha has found me. People around me congratulated me saying it was a good thing. I think it’s a good opportunity, so I’ll do my best to help Hanwha.” 

182 cm, 86 kg, with a strong physique, Lee Jae-yong, a catcher, graduated from Bae Jae High School and was nominated by the NC with the 48th overall in the 2nd round of 5 rounds in 2017. He said he liked NC from the time it was founded, and it was good that he was named to the cheering team. He spent most of his time in the second team, but after his first team debut last year, he left an unforgettable memory in NC.  슬롯사이트

He played 8 games in NC, and he recorded 1 hit in 5 at-bats, and that 1 hit was a home run, which was the 4th record in KBO League history. On May 6 last year, the Changwon LG exhibition. In the beginning of the 5th inning, Yang Eui-ji, the starting catcher, was replaced due to an injury after being hit by a foul hit by Kim Hyeon-soo, and Lee Jae-yong was replaced as a major defense. He then had his first at-bat in his debut with 1 out and 2 base in the bottom of the 5th inning. heartbreaking moment. LG pitcher Kim Jin-seong hit the first fastball and decorated it with a two-run home run that went over the left fence. 

A home run in the first at-bat in his debut. It was the fourth record ever in the KBO League, following Jim Tatum of LG in 2000, Won-guk Song of Doosan in 2001, and Tae-yeon Kim of Hanwha in 2017. Lee Jae-yong, who recalled that time, said, “Because Kim Jin-seong was in NC, I knew his tendencies to some extent. He laughed, saying, “I was thinking of actively hitting the first pitch, but luckily I passed it.” 

Leaving behind memories in NC, he is now starting anew as Hanwha Man. He said, “There are many young prospects in Hanwha. I think we will be a strong team in the future. Even when playing Futures, the Hanwha players I saw as opponents were good at fighting,” he said. “I don’t know any players in Hanwha. Senior Jung Beom-mo, who I worked with in NC, came as a coach for Hanhwa (Janryu) and we met again. It is reassuring to have senior Lee Myung-ki who came with me.” Lee Myung-gi, who has trade experience twice, said, “You just have to go and do well. Adaptation is natural,” he encouraged. 

Lee Jae-yong, who visited the NC Futures Camp in Changwon that day and said goodbye, said, “Director Gong Pil-seong said good things. He thinks he has developed by learning well from many people, including coaches Cho Young-hoon, Kim Jong-min, and Yoon Soo-gang. I am grateful to all the NC people who have helped me in the meantime.” I am confident in my ability to lead pitchers and steal bases. Senior Hanwha Choi Jae-hoon is also a catcher I’ve liked since before. He wants to learn framing, throwing, and passion right next to him. I will do my best to become a Hanwha catcher following in the footsteps of senior Choi Jae-hoon.”

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