‘I didn’t retire… ‘ LG Song Eun-beom, why is it marked as a ‘retired player’ in the KBO?

 LG pitcher Song Eun-beom did not even announce his retirement, but he is classified as a retired player. Why.

If you search for Song Eun-beom in the records room of the KBO official website, it is displayed as a non-active player record page. Song Eun-beom’s grades come out in the record room for retired players (pitchers). 

This is because Song Eun-beom remained without an annual salary contract even after February 1st, and signed a renewal contract with LG only in the afternoon of the 12th.

On the 10th, KBO announced the list of players belonging to the 2023 KBO League, and released a total of 588 registered players. Song Eun-beom was not included in the list of players belonging to the LG club. It is a non-active player (retired player).

Song Eun-beom, the only one among the 10 clubs subject to renewal of the contract, excluding those who have not signed a FA contract, completed the renewal of the annual salary on the 12th.

On the 11th, an LG official said, “We had a verbal agreement with Song Eun-beom on the salary, but we haven’t signed yet. He said, “I decided to sign the contract on the 12th or 13th,” but he signed it only in the afternoon of the 12th. 토토사이트

LG agreed with Song Eun-beom on an annual salary of 140 million won this season. After last season, Song Eun-beom continued the tug-of-war with the LG club in salary negotiations, and eventually accepted a 10 million won cut from last year’s annual salary of 150 million won.

Song Eun-beom played in 25 games (26⅔ innings) last year and recorded an average ERA of 4.05 with 1 win, 1 loss and 2 holds. In July 2021, he underwent knee ligament rupture surgery and returned in the middle of last year. The number of business trips was small, and the club was subject to reduction through the reflection of the performance, and Song Eun-beom insisted on a salary freeze, but the parallel line continued without an agreement. 

Song Eun-beom did not accept the team plan until February 1, when the KBO League teams’ spring camps began. The LG club waited and waited for Song Eun-beom’s contract, and in early February announced an annual salary contract for 44 new contracts excluding Song Eun-beom. Song Eun-beom finally signed it after nearly 10 days.

Meanwhile, Song Eun-beom signed a renewal contract with LG, and if the LG club submits related documents to the KBO, Song Eun-beom will change his status as an active player again.

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