‘I heard it was unfair’ La Liga president’s belated apology… “I had no intention of attacking Vinicius”

It is the appearance of finally lowering the tail in the continued criticism.

The British media ‘BBC’ reported on the 25th (Korean time), “Spain La Liga president Javier Tebas apologized to Vinicius Junior (22). It was confirmed that he had no intention of attacking him.”

Recently, La Liga in Spain is facing a major measles due to the worst case of racism. It happened during the match between Real Madrid and Valencia on the 22nd. At the time, the Valencia crowd poured out racist remarks towards Vinicius. Tens of thousands of spectators hurled accusations such as “die” and “monkey”. Vinicius protested by gesturing directly to the crowd, but the booing did not subside. Real Madrid players also stood up, but the racism continued.메이저사이트

It’s not a day or two. According to local media reports in Spain, racism among La Liga fans is already widespread. The Atlético Madrid crowd also roared with racist mockery at Vinicius. The problem of racial discrimination, which had been festering, was properly erupted with the Valencia match.

▲ Real Madrid players wearing the Vinicius jersey together

▲ Vinicius left a message of \”Thank you\” on his personal SNS. ⓒScreenshot of Vinicius’ official SNS

In the meantime, La Liga President Tebas stood at the center of criticism for his poor response. Vinicius strongly criticized through his personal social network service (SNS), saying, “This is not the first time. Racism is common and normal in La Liga. Rather, it seems to be encouraged. This is for racists.” In response, President Tebas refuted, “It is unfair to say that Spain and La Liga are racist. We are dealing with racism in the strongest way. It is unacceptable to tarnish our reputation.”

On the contrary, public opinion was ignited in an instant at the remarks that seemed to criticize Vinicius, the victim. In the end, President Tebas left an apology for his earlier remarks. In an interview with Brazil’s ESPN, he said, “I did not intend to attack Vinicius, but I apologize if the public understood it that way. My remarks were far from my intentions.”

Meanwhile, the Real Madrid crowd warmly welcomed Vinicius, who was victimized by racial discrimination, with standing ovations and cheers. The players showed a direct confrontation with racism by wearing Vinicius uniforms as a group.

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